Big & Chunky: Creepy Edition with Tyler and Andre 9000

Posted 11 Oct 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Raw Rant #123

Hide your 13 year olds!! this is the Halloween edition, mainly because I just found this episode hiding in the porn section of Michelle’s hard drive.

Featuring one of my personal favorites Tyler and Andre who is not allowed within 100 feet of high schools or keyboards.

While we really want to do the Big and Chunky show more often we need you all to speak up and get me motivated.

Talking About:
Celeb Crush: Bill Nighy
Pirate Radio
Your Medical Questions
and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember considering this is like 2 months old.

Welcome back Mouse and crew, ill be playing some poker over at Party Poker for the remainder of the show.

Posted by Brian X
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