TV Bottlenecking… Dumb or Idiot Savant?

Posted 12 Apr 2016 in Podcast, The Popcast

You know those nights when you can’t wait for your favorite TV show to come on? There’s excitement in the air, and you’ve told everyone else in the house to shut up or die. You’ve parked your butt on the most comfy sofa in the house, and you have firm control of the remote just in case someone tries to hijack the TV because possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Then your show comes on…

The theme music is incredible! A warm happy sensation flows over your body as you slip into the world of your favorite show.

But something is wrong…

Then you notice that they are recapping last week’s episode. Fear sets in as you think, oh no it’s a re-run! But no, your favorite character is there and this is definitely new. But why are they talking about everything that happened so far this season? That my friends is a Bottle Neck Episode!

Join Brian and Shane as they explain the reasoning behind what caused you to throw your remote threw your TV! Learn all about television’s use of Bottle Necking, Bottling, Recap episodes and clip shows.
In this episode of the Popcast …

Star Trek, Doctor Who and Star Gate!
Brian watches too much TV
Shane doesn’t like being manipulated
TV is becoming long form movies?
What’s the suicide rate after Lost’s final episode?
What the heck is the name of the Time traveling red headed guy?
Chevy Chase is an A-hole?
Is it Babylon 5 or 9?
Does the Navy have Jeffery Tubes?
Star Trek tried to Humanize Kirk?
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