Breaking The Fourth Wall

Posted 07 Mar 2016 in Podcast, The Popcast
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What the heck is Breaking The Fourth Wall?
Episode Air Date March 7, 2016

You may have vaguely heard the term Breaking The Fourth Wall? If you are one of those snooty Hollywood types, you might be involved in Breaking it. What? Okay, apparently I am not supposed to use the word snooty. I’ve been promised my Backspace key will be fixed next week. Let’s try Snotty… No?!?!? Okay so apparently that’s worst, so… meh.
Anyways, get ready to get some direct interaction with Brian and Shane as they take sledge hammers to the Fourth Wall. I’ll be writing apology letters to our good friends Orlando Jones and Misha Collins.

In this episode…
Brian has a moment of speechlessness… finally!
Shane Pulls a Zach from Saved by the Bell
Brian has something in his Moustache
Who would watch a Jay and Silent Bob Movie?
Deadpool the new number one?
William Shatner or William Shakespeare?

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