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Raw Rant 24: Don’t Touch my Junk

Posted 30 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Hosts: Neil and Brian

Guest: None just Neil and Brian in the Nude.

We talk about:

  • Angry Birds
  • 5  Year Video Game Console Cycle Broken
  • Steve Jobs slams Android (epic fail)
  • Sampled Music doesnt make you an Artist
  • Lady Gaga is not a Creative Genius shes just a awkward emo ass attention whore
  • Kim Kardashian: More then a sex tape, shes a hardworking gal
  • Xbox 360 TV Network coming Soon.
  • TSA loves naughty pics of your junk (or they rape you in the backroom)

Joel Grover is a Bitch…..Suck it!

Raw Rant 23: Big and Chunky Juggalos

Posted 24 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Host: Neil and Brian

No Guest No Brians, Quick and DIrty

We talk about:

  • Juggalo
  • New Seabird Mozzila Android Phone
  • Verizon 4g or is it branded Sprint 4g rebranded?
  • coupon code: raw
  • Nancy Grace is a no talent retard

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p.s.  Joel Grover is still a bitch….

Raw Rant 22: Pedo Bear Hunts the Amazon

Posted 16 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Host: Neil and Brian

No Guest today just Neil and I shootin the shit and talking tech

We talk about:

  • Xbox Kinect for your Windows PC
  • Apple moves Carriers and services is still shit
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread?
  • Do what you want with your phones, xbox, ps3, etc. and void some warranties
  • Orlando Jones and Creativity
  • 8 Million Dollar Iphone 4
  • Chocolate covered bacon
  • AdHoc for your Smartphone
  • Netflix drags its feet on Android App
  • Hulu Takes its time on Android App
  • Android is taking over so Devs need to cialis without prescription get there shit together…
  • Pedo Guide to Love and Pleasure
  • Joel Grover is a BITCH

Just listen to the whole show, whether you laugh, cry, or spit blood at least your entertained…..

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Raw Rant 20: Dirty Cops Burn Books

Posted 09 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast
cops cant ask for ID

Real Recorded  Telephone conversation with Police Department, Cops say point blank that there is NO LAW requiring you to carry any form of ID because “over zealous cops” misuse!!!!

We talk about burning books on the banned list, dirty cops checking ID’s, the anti-virus conspiracy (Norton and Macfee), Facebook and Google fight with no makeup sex, and our new video cast “Sychout” where we blow shit up!

You Really need to listen to the whole show


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Raw Rant 18: Neils Got A Hot Date!!!

Posted 05 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Hosts: Neil and Juice

Today Neil has a hot date and can only be here for about 20 min before heading out to see his (way to hot for him) girlfriend.

We talk about alot of things from planets we can live on to iphone 4 retards, also play a song from Scott Pilgrim vs the World,

Juice gets in touch with his metro sexual side and Brian tells that douche bag Joel Grover from NBC Raw News to suck it.

You gotta listen to the whole show!!!

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Raw Rant 17: Red White & Blue Ballz


Hosts: Brian, Neil, & Don

Raw Rant gets serious! this special 2 hour episode combines the tech cast with the game cast and talks about neither!?!?!

From political to sexual there is no way I can describe this proper, just listen to it…..

Raw Rant 14: Google Skynet….is here!

Posted 19 Oct 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast, The Media Pimps
is google skynet

Why Warhammer Online Failed

An EA insider has aired dirty laundry over what went wrong with Warhammer and what could this mean for the upcoming Bioware Star Wars MMORPG. Quoting: ‘We shouldn’t have released when we did, everyone knows it. The game wasn’t done, but EA gave us a deadline and threatened the leaders of Mythic with pink slips. We slipped so many times, it had to go out. We sold more than a million boxes, and only had 300k subs a month later. Going down ever since. It’s ‘stable’ now, but guess what? Even Dark Age and Ultima cialis en francais have more subs than we have.  How great is that? Games almost a decade [old] make more money than our biggest project.” The (unverified) insider, who calls himself EA Louse (named after the EA Spouse who brought to light the company’s excessive crunchtime practices) says similar trouble is ahead for the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic. EA has not commented yet. God of War creator David Jaffe has criticized the insider for having unrealistic expectations of working in the games industry.

UK Police Force Posts All Its Calls On Twitter

One of the largest police forces in the UK is posting every incident reported to it today on Twitter. Greater Manchester Police began its 24-hour experiment this morning at 05:00 BST, tweeting all incident reports in the hope of highlighting the complexity of modern policing. ‘Policing is often seen in very simple terms, with cops chasing robbers and locking them up,’ Chief Constable Peter Fahy said in a statement. ‘However the reality is that this accounts for only part of the work they have to deal with.

Huge Shocker? 3D TVs Not Selling

It comes as no surprise to the vast majority of us who haven’t rushed out to buy a 3D TV, but according to a Display Search report consumers aren’t doing their part to make 2010 the year of 3D TV, says blogger Peter Smith. And the stats are even worse than Smith imagined they’d be: DisplaySearch estimates that 3.2 million 3D TVs will be shipped in 2010. Note, that’s shipped, not sold. 3.2 million equates to 2% of all flat panel displays shipped (as far as I can ascertain, that’s worldwide shipments). So yeah, there are not many 3D TVs being shipped this year. But wait, that’s not the end of the bad news. In Western Europe (the only region where they offered this data point) sales of 3D glasses are less than 1 per 3D set sold. In other words, a lot of Western Europeans who buy a TV with 3D capability don’t even bother to buy the glasses to use that feature.

Government Admits Spying Via Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg famously said that the age of privacy is over. And the government wants to ensure that,it seems. The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s FOIA request has revealed government memos encouraging agents to befriend people on a variety of social networks, to take advantage of their readiness to share and to spy on them. Thanks to this request, the government released handful of documents, including a May 2008 memo detailing how social-networking sites are exploited by the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS), and one revealing how the DHS monitored social media during the Obama inauguration.”

Devs Grapple With 100+ Versions of Android

The scale of the challenge facing Android developers has been laid bare by Twitter client TweetDeck. During beta testing of its new software, [0]TweetDeck encountered more than 36,000 testers using an enormous pool of 244 different handsets. Not only was hardware for the platform fragmented, but Tweetdeck had to contend with more than a hundred different versions of Android, highlighting just how muddled the market is for the open-source platform. The splintering of Android is making life difficult for app developers. ‘It’s not particularly harder to develop for Android over iPhone (from a programming standpoint),’ said Christopher Pabon, a developer who writes apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms. ‘Except when it comes to final quality assurance and testing. Then it can be a nightmare (a manageable nightmare, mind you).

Google Maps Adds Drone Imagery

Google Maps has now added new non-satellite imagery when you zoom in close enough. Google has purchased a few Drones. Mystery solved! The public would like to see Google’s explanation for the close-up images. No explanation has been given by Google….hmmmm.

Internet Dismantling the State Church In Finland

A Finnish secular web site that facilitates electronic resignation from the Finnish state church gained wide attention in the media this week. A gay rights TV panel discussion was followed by thousands resigning from the church. On Wednesday, 2633 people resigned through the web site, which is more than all the resignations in July. The Internet is secularizing the Finnish with increasing speed; over 90% of resignations in Finland go through the site administered and marketed by hobbyists driving Finland towards a secular, non-religious state.

Tablets Are Game-Changers For Special Needs Kids

The rise of mainstream tablets is proving to have unforeseen benefits for children with speech and communication problems and may disrupt a business where specialized devices can cost thousands of dollars. iPad apps like Proloquo2Go ($189) aim to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, ALS, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, apraxia, and more. Even Steve Jobs didn’t see this one coming: ‘We take no credit for this, and that’s not our intention,’ said Jobs, who’s been touched by email he gets from parents of special needs kids for whom the iPad is proving to be a life-changer. ‘Our intention is to say something is going on here,’ Jobs added, suggesting that researchers should ‘take a look at this.’ Even though they might cost significantly less than dedicated devices, SUNY speech pathologist Andrea Abramovich explained Medicare doesn’t cover consumer tablets because they could be used for non-medical purposes.

Raw Rant 11: Artsy Douchebags and Bad Music

Posted 12 Oct 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast
Artsy Douchebags

Hosts: Neil and Brian

Rants On Deck

Artsy MetroSex iPhone Using Douchebags
Bad Music and the Chicks that Love it
Bad Art made by retarded monkeys with colored poop

“Hey Jerry, shut the fuck up you douche!”

PSP2 Phone:

“The PSP2 is already in the hands of developers, but will Sony take the right direction in the portable sector? Following a recent op-ed on fixing the PSP business, leading game industry analysts came to the consensus that the best avenue for Sony to take is to offer a PlayStation Phone, and a strong partner like Google would do just the trick. ‘Sony has the opportunity to redefine the portable games category. I think the best move would be to get out in front of Microsoft’s inevitable Xbox LIVE Arcade Mobile and take on street value of cialis the App Store and carrier deck portals. … They could put out a proper PlayStation Phone (and a PlayStation Pad) but these should compete with smartphones and tablets, not dedicated gaming devices. To do this quickly, Sony could partner with Google and take advantage of Android’s considerable momentum,’ said Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research.”

Doomsday: October 12th 2010

“A small asteroid will pass very close to Earth this Tuesday. Astronomers are still tracking the object, now designated as 2010 TD54, and various estimates say it should come within anywhere from 52,000 km (33,000 miles) to 64,000 km (40,000 miles) on October 12, with closest approach at approximately 11:25 UT.”

ATT U-Verse Comes to Xbox 360

U-verse subscribers soon gaining the ability to use an Xbox 360 as a set-top box: “A so-called Wired Release will roll out to AT&T U-verse customers next Sunday, and it’ll bring the long awaited feature with it (though you’ll have to wait until November 7th for that particular aspect). This means an AT&T U-verse customer’s Xbox 360 will have a Dashboard app, and when launched, it’ll let it function exactly like any other U-verse set-top. The only major catch is that it can’t be the only set-top â?” you’ll need at least one DVR at another TV in the house to enjoy one of the four HD streams that could be funneled into your home.”

Google Cancels Free 411

After three years of providing free directory assistance in exchange for voice samples, Google has announced plans to shut down the GOOG-411 service, in order to focus on ‘speech-enabling the next generation of Google products and services across a multitude of languages.’ The service will close on November 12th.”

Raw Rant 8: Tech Pr0n with Neil

Posted 05 Oct 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast


Brian Montgomery
Neil Cirbus


*66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP
*Twitter To Start Selling Followers
*Facebook and Skype: Lovers?
*Microsoft Sues Motorolla on the eve of its windows 7 phone (neil)

Twitter To Start Selling Followers

“While not quite as bad as it sounds, Twitter will soon be identifying followers with certain interests based on the content of their Twitter usage, and then [1]providing this info to advertisers. Twitter is already selling sponsored Tweets for $100K or more. These reader comments captured the disquieting feeling I have: ‘Twitter selling followers? Will that be the same as Google selling top position in SERP?’ and ‘I wonder when Facebook will start to sell friends.’ Advertisers will be allowed to purchase placement in lists of ‘who to follow’ recommendations targeted to users with particular interests on Twitter.”

66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP

“Almost one year after the introduction of Windows 7 it appears that the hype surrounding it has faded. The overall market share of Windows has turned into a slight decline again. Windows 7 is gaining share, but cannot keep pace with the loss of Windows XP and Vista. Especially Windows XP users seem to be happy with what they have and appear to be rather resistant to Microsoft’s pitches that it is time to upgrade to Windows 7.”

Google TV News

HBO, Netflix, Pandora and the NBA are just a few of the big-name brands teaming up with Google for the rollout of Google TV.

The web giant’s “multimillion-channel TV” system is expected to launch some time this fall. Run by Google’s Android operating system, it will let users view all kinds of Web content on their televisions.

*Facebook and Skype: Lovers?

According to All Things D’s Kara Swisher, Facebook and Skype are about to announce a partnership that includes “integration of SMS, voice chat and Facebook Connect.”

It’s not clear exactly what this deal would entail, but possibilities include Facebook Chat over a browser to cell phones, and video chat among Facebook friends.

New Tech:

*Windows 7 Phone
*Nintendo 3ds
*google short URL

Microsoft is scheduled to announce its first line of Windows Phone 7 products in a New York press conference next week.

Reporters this morning received an invitation to an October 11 event, where Microsoft will announce which carriers and manufacturers will be making and selling handsets based on Microsoft’s next mobile operating system. The company will also preview the first line of Windows Phone 7 hardware.


*Send SMS over Email
*Get Paid What You Are Worth


*Political AD Campains
*Mac heads piss me off:

People that buy macs think there power users and that is a oxymoron, the old PC vs MAC issue has been around for a long time, listen to the podcast to see Brian and Neils PC “bios” view on the subject.

Raw Rant 4: Tech News with Neil C

Posted 28 Sep 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Neil Cirbus & Brian Montgomery


* Google Sues Dodgy Advertisers* iPads On American Campuses? Maybe Next Year

  • * Facebook Is Down
  • * E-Books Are Only 6% of Printed Book Sales
  • * Iphone Girl
  • * Mac Uses PC’s to program iphones
  • * Katy Perry Kicked off Sesame Street
  • * Lifelock CEO gets ID Theft 14 times
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