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Raw Rant 66: Capitan Chief Busy Rescuing Damsels From Villains

Posted 07 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Smoking Parlor

The Smoking Parlor

Host: Captain Chief Steal

This week the Cpt is busy rescuing those pesky damsals from villians with twisty mustaches (can mustache be plural) anyhow because of his absense instead of atempting to exude the same amount of testaterone and failing we have decided to simply post the show from last week in its place.

The Cpt will be back next week even if he needs to fight a pack of bears to get here, speaking of bears the Cpt will be joining Max in Siberia this week with a live podcast as they hunt the most dangerous creature (giant rabbits) so stay tuned for that.

Raw Rant 65: Return of the Mad Men

Posted 04 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

The Point Blank Show

Host: Brandon, Mike, and Cuz J

Presented By:

Return of Mad Men Game!

Steve was picked up for solicitation and wont be joining us until he can post bail so in his stead we welcome back Cuz J as a guest host.

Enough is Enough of various topics including marijuana which triggers a hot debate, and ugly cars (like Brian’s PT Cruiser )

Listen to the whole show……

Raw Rant 64: Alexia Lei Canceled / PBS Re-Broadcast


Alexia Lei Show: Canceled (this week)

Point Blank Show: Re-Broadcast

This week our super girl Alexia is stuck in a hotel room battling a bad internet connection (and David’s sexual advances) so this weeks show will be canceled and a extra-awesome show will be up next week.

In its place we will be airing the first episode where we introduce Alexia on the Point Blank Show……

Enjoy and she will be back next week….

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Raw Rant 63: Trust me, the last 20 minutes are funny

Posted 02 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Jesus and Vic (sorta)

Ok so the first 45 minutes are rough to say the least with Vic on his phone and Jesus higher then balloon boy, they come back from commercial with a pep talk from Bobby Flay and kill it, talking about Venice Beach gangstas and electric race cars.

Trust me when I say it gets better this time…..

Raw Rant 62: DJ Lawless and All Star Superman

Posted 02 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Media Pimps

The Media Pimps

Host: Don Hennessey and Brian

All Star Superman Review and we talk to DJ Lawless, then go on a rant about wasting time and gay by tablets choice vs gay by trade.

listen to the whole show…

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Raw Rant 61: The Smoking Parlor is Open!

Posted 28 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Smoking Parlor

The Smoking Parlor

Host: Captain Chief Steal

talking about man things, so get your scotch and cigars and join us in the parlor.

Saturday Night Sessions: Blast from the Past!

Posted 27 Feb 2011 in Podcast, Saturday Sessions

Saturday Night Sessions

with your host: DJ Whitey White

Previously unaired mix that will bring you to your knees, get out there and dance your ass off!

Raw Rant 59: Imdb Geek: The Academy Awards Edition

Posted 25 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

The Point Blank Show

Presented by Junior Varsity

Hosts: Mike, Steve, and Cousin Jason
Injured Reserve: Brandon
Watch the entire first season of The Best Sketch Comedy Show at
The guys start out by going over the listener’s comments from last week’s show. After that, they interview guest host Cousin Jason, talk about how pizza can save your life, and play Imdb Geek since the Oscars are coming up this weekend.

Raw Rant 58: The Alexia Lei Show @ Union Station

Posted 24 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

The Alexia Lei Show

Host: Alexia Lei

Guest: Kary Leigh & DJ_Ryan Live

Seriously Random Radio, listen to the whole show…..

Raw Rant 57: Blame Canada for Dumb White People

Posted 23 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice and Vic Cruz

The BNC show returns with Juices new partner in crime formerly of PBS is Vic Cruz.

These 2 fellas bring the best of high school wit and drug induced non-facts with semi homo erotic, semi racist, and always drunk mumblings.

Welcome to the Big & Chunky Show!

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