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Raw Rant 23: Big and Chunky Juggalos

Posted 24 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Host: Neil and Brian

No Guest No Brians, Quick and DIrty

We talk about:

  • Juggalo
  • New Seabird Mozzila Android Phone
  • Verizon 4g or is it branded Sprint 4g rebranded?
  • coupon code: raw
  • Nancy Grace is a no talent retard

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p.s.  Joel Grover is still a bitch….

Raw Rant 22: Pedo Bear Hunts the Amazon

Posted 16 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Host: Neil and Brian

No Guest today just Neil and I shootin the shit and talking tech

We talk about:

  • Xbox Kinect for your Windows PC
  • Apple moves Carriers and services is still shit
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread?
  • Do what you want with your phones, xbox, ps3, etc. and void some warranties
  • Orlando Jones and Creativity
  • 8 Million Dollar Iphone 4
  • Chocolate covered bacon
  • AdHoc for your Smartphone
  • Netflix drags its feet on Android App
  • Hulu Takes its time on Android App
  • Android is taking over so Devs need to cialis without prescription get there shit together…
  • Pedo Guide to Love and Pleasure
  • Joel Grover is a BITCH

Just listen to the whole show, whether you laugh, cry, or spit blood at least your entertained…..

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Raw Rant 21: Playing Kinect Naked with Bryan Gregory

Posted 16 Nov 2010 in Podcast, The Media Pimps
kinect naked

Host: Donald and Brian

Guest today is Bryan Gregory, famous Game Developer (2B)

We Talk About:

  • Kinect: Extra Curricular Activities?
  • Kinect Vs Move Vs Wii – A Comparison: Accuracy
  • Kinect Could Hold Key to Next-Gen Baseball Biomechanics
  • Grand Turismo 5: Final Release Date…For Real?
  • Call of Duty Black Ops gets slammed line pharmacy across the web by gamers
  • God of War 3: Ghost of Sparta is now available!!
  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Released this Tuesday 11/16/2010
  • City of Heroes: Issue 19 Expansion – Coming Soon!!

Just listen to the whole show, whether you laugh, cry, or spit blood at least your entertained…..

Raw Rant 20: Dirty Cops Burn Books

Posted 09 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast
cops cant ask for ID

Real Recorded  Telephone conversation with Police Department, Cops say point blank that there is NO LAW requiring you to carry any form of ID because “over zealous cops” misuse!!!!

We talk about burning books on the banned list, dirty cops checking ID’s, the anti-virus conspiracy (Norton and Macfee), Facebook and Google fight with no makeup sex, and our new video cast “Sychout” where we blow shit up!

You Really need to listen to the whole show


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Raw Rant 19: The Force is all around you…like Mexicans!

Posted 05 Nov 2010 in Podcast, The Media Pimps

Hosts: Donald and Juice


The Force Unleashed 2
Halo Reach
Xbox 360 Slim

Bitching about the 360S and moving your live account, the dummys at IGN who gave The Force Unleashed 2 a shitty rating, and sensitive gamers complaining about Halo Reach.

We talk about alot of topics from the scariest games of all time to the sexiest gamer chicks.

Apple pads the market with bullshit about buying Sony and Disney, riiiiiigggghhhhhhttt, nice try Steve Jobs (douche)

Sports Fanatics that piss NON sports fans off when they expect everyone to know that the fuck there talking about or everyone wants to watch there team play.


Xbox 720 Concept Contest: Winner Gets Free Game…

Just listen to the whole show!

Raw Rant 18: Neils Got A Hot Date!!!

Posted 05 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Hosts: Neil and Juice

Today Neil has a hot date and can only be here for about 20 min before heading out to see his (way to hot for him) girlfriend.

We talk about alot of things from planets we can live on to iphone 4 retards, also play a song from Scott Pilgrim vs the World,

Juice gets in touch with his metro sexual side and Brian tells that douche bag Joel Grover from NBC Raw News to suck it.

You gotta listen to the whole show!!!

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Weekly Wrap: Scott Pilgrim vs Halloween

Posted 01 Nov 2010 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show, The Media Pimps

Hosts: Donny and Bdawg fresh from Halloween

Next On the GameCast:

Scott Pilgrim Review
Halo Reach Review
The Force Unleashed 2 Review

oh yea…fuck Joel Grover from NBC (rant tomorrow)

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Raw Rant 17: Red White & Blue Ballz


Hosts: Brian, Neil, & Don

Raw Rant gets serious! this special 2 hour episode combines the tech cast with the game cast and talks about neither!?!?!

From political to sexual there is no way I can describe this proper, just listen to it…..

Raw Rant 16: Max Money gets High Tech

Posted 23 Oct 2010 in Money Money Money, Podcast

Hosts: Max & Shane

  • Sales Tips
  • Sales Stories
  • New Dev with Mixed
  • News cialis cheapest about New 100 bill
  • College Debt up, Job Income Down :(

Every Friday @ 5pm

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Raw Rant 15: Nude and Tacky

Posted 21 Oct 2010 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Host: Jason and Kristyn

Guest Hosts: Brian and Jesus

Guest Star: Matt Lopez (Poetic  Tragedy)

6 cats, small penises, large clits, the shining, dead rockstars, ozzy osborne, dykes, cats with plastic surgery… really want to listen to the whole show.

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