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Chevy Chase: Raw and Unleashed

Posted 05 Apr 2012 in Podcast, Random News

In a profanity-laden voicemail, Community star Chevy Chase unleashed on the show’s creator Dan Harmon after the latter publicly reprimanded Chase in front of his family and colleagues during a speech at the NBC comedy’s wrap party.

Side Note: This cocky liberal dickhead got off easy because if a fucking no-name writer (or anybody) disrespected me in front of my wife and kids it wouldn’t be a phone call or a voice message it would be a homicide. I know Chevy is a bit crazy but the fact that Dan Harmon recorded the VM, played it for people, then released it to TMZ makes me think this guy is going to get his ass handed to him next time he opens his mouth to the wrong person.

According to Deadline, Harmon scolded Chase for walking off the set, causing Chase to respond with a scathing phone call blasting Harmon for his behavior at the party, as well as his conduct as producer (Chase allegedly became frustrated with Harmon’s tardiness in delivering scripts and stormed off, which other sources from the show confirmed to Deadline). Listen to the voicemail above/

“You didn’t give us a script to begin with so nobody knew what the f—- was going on,” said Chase in the voicemail before launching into a list of derogatory names that he attributed to Harmon. “I don’t get talked to like that by anybody, certainly not in front of my wife and daughter.”


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Star Wars Episode Zero & Very Special Editions Coming 2013

Posted 30 Mar 2012 in Podcast, Random News

George Lucas, once again pushing new boundaries for franchise-exploitation, has surprised the movie world by releasing Star Wars: Episode Zero.

Produced entirely with CGI, and featuring computer-generated voices, the film was rendered in secret based on a script penned by Lucas.


“We felt there were too many loose ends.” explains Lucas, “The time just felt right to go back and fill in those gaps. And by going 100% CG including computer-generated dialogue, I am able to express myself fully as an artist.”

Episode Zero tells the story of Shmi Skywalker’s secret life as a Jedi Knight in her younger days. The film begins with Shmi fighting a sith lord named Darth Jurrai, falling in love with him and having a child named Palpatine, only to see Jurrai tragically slaughtered by Jedi master Tum-Wo Kenobi, whom Shmi falls in love with and has a child named Obi-Wan, only to lose her memory and find herself tragically enslaved on Tatooine where she gives birth to Anakin.

“Sure, some people will say that sounds like a bad soap opera, but I’m not going to listen to them.” Lucas growls as he ends our interview.

Alongside Episode Zero, even newer versions of the original trilogy of films have been released. In order to tie it in more closely to Zero, The Empire Strikes Back now features the following scene:


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F.D.A.: Everything causes Cancer in Rats

Posted 30 Mar 2012 in Podcast, Random News

Dateline: Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 2018. In a special press confernece a spokesperson for the Food and Drug Administration announced that it has been determined that just about everything causes cancer in rats. After a 20 year study involving over 100,000 rats, it would now seem that, in sufficient concentrations and quantities, almost anything will cause cancer in rats.

When asked by a reporter what his agency’s position is on all the substances and products that have been banned by the F.D.A. for causing cancer in rats in the past, the spokesperson replied, “Uh, sorry!”.


Writer: Eric Maietta

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