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Raw Rant Show: Homeless Warz

Posted 17 Jul 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #150

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Homeless people piss me off! – Well the ones that aren’t really homeless. Listen in and learn who is holding signs and messing with people! Superman, the man of steel movie got jacked by reviewers (All reviewers but us suck by the way). We talk about how The Purge Movie idea was great but the actually story needed to be purged! People are angry – listen here J

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Raw Rant Show: Guest Alan Carr

Posted 03 Jun 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #149

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We have a special guest this week – head Lawyer with SAS Studios working on a new Guillermo del Toro blockbuster “Last Generation”

We will be releasing the show every Friday starting this week and we hope to keep that schedule nice and tight like the future Boy Scouts of America.

Were talking ab out the Fast 6 review and video games = violence.

Also talking about the GBSA or BSA and the new Pro Gay policy.

See you this friday

Raw Rant Show: Sam Eats Boogers

Posted 06 May 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #148

Sam Segment
Eating Boogers is good for you.
Dota 2 take the western world by storm (spirit)
Aliens (of course)
UFO’s in the Amazon: Congress is talking about it!

and more!

Raw Rant Show: Sams ATA Alien

Posted 26 Apr 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show, The Media Pimps

Raw Rant #147

We bring the week in with our Sammy Update and our sponsor

We read the comments and talk about some pretty interesting news topics.

Finishing with one of Brian’s favorite all time Pranks and introduce the Prank content where you share your best Prank and we choose the best one live on air next week. The winner will receive the shirt of his or hers choice from our sponsor:

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Raw Rant Show: Welcome Back!

Posted 16 Apr 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #146

Welcome back to the Raw Rant Show! Were back and will be here every Monday for all you fans that have been waiting for a while I think it will be worth the wait!

I’ll be trying to get some old voices back in the studio as well as new voices. The new format is a bit faster, leaner, meaner and ready to rock your world.

This Episode:

  • Where have we been and what have we been doing?
  • Movie Review: GI Joe 2
  • TV Show Review: House of Lies
  • The Playpen
  • Rant: Tow Truck Drivers and Crooked Security Guards
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See you next week!


The Raw Rant: Baby We Like it Raw!

Posted 27 Jun 2012 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #144

Brian and Mike decided to take The Special Report podcast and turn it into a much more raw and exciting show, called “The Raw Rant.” On the show’s maiden voyage, we start by talking about Brian’s weight loss, the IKEA experience, and the cockroach we had to kill before recording. Later on, Brian gets into some news stories. We give our opinions on the topic of women being funny after the media massacred Adam Carolla for his thoughts about it last week. There’s also a list of good comedy documentaries, HBO’s Newsroom talk, and we come up with some new uses for the Cheesecake Factory’s customer buzzer.
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Special Report: Aliens, Lube, and Movies with Mike

Posted 01 Mar 2012 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant # 138

Mike joins Special Report as a Special Guest, emphasis on “special”.

What we talk about:

Lady Gaga

and a bunch of random nonsense.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, Mike is one of my favorite people to hang with and I had am amazing time, thanks Mike!


Special Report: Movie and TV reviews with Steve

Posted 31 Jan 2012 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #134

Reviewing new movies and upcoming TV shows with Steve from PBS.

A longer cast for all the fans missing the Point Blank Show last week.

Enjoy and comment!

Special Report: MegaUpload Gets Shutdown!!

Posted 23 Jan 2012 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #133

The first of many quick and dirty podcast where Brian basically reads the news till something pisses him off.

What we cover:

Sopa / PIPA
Mega Upload
STFU Robert Redford
Tosh.0 is back
iPad gets a vagina attachment
Star Wars Uncut
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Underworld: Awakening
Joe Paterno steals Sanduskys thunder

Listen and comment, see you Friday on The Point Blank Show!

Banned Easter Egg Commercial (Rightfully So)

Posted 28 Sep 2011 in Raw Rant Show

This overly sexed egg on egg threesome was banned from the playboy channel for being “to much” and I thought it was friggen hilarious!

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