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Raw Rant Hits 1,000,000 Impressions!!!!

Posted 04 Feb 2011 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Party People, as of January 31st 2011 Raw Rant reached 1 Million Impressions!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your support for helping us keep the internet free

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Raw Rant Server Meltdown…

Posted 23 Jan 2011 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Hey Party People, Enjoy “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC

We have been working all night long to get Raw Rant up to 100% but you fuckers keep coming :) by this time tomorrow everything will be back to normal, in fact better then normal even slightly faster now that the servers are rocking a bit more memory

Raw Rant has  had several rather impressive issues in the last 7 days, we have missed scheduled broadcasts and the commenting system has been overrun with rats, but fret NOT my fair weather friends….

I’m a genius and I have finally fixed 90% of the issues, the server is  fixed and our commenting system is clean, we went out of our way to ensure the playback of the podcast so your listening should not have been affected, BUT because of this and the recording equipment failure the Geek Show, Game Pimps, and the Big & Chunky Show were not recording this past week and the CES video update was not released.

Looks like were back on track and heres some things to look forward to: The Point Blank Show was recording and is extra long and uncut, also Saturday Sessions starts today for all you clubsta’s

The Point Blank Show: Uncircumcised will air Sunday and will have a 4 day sticky so everyone has an extra long time to listen.

See you all on Monday, let freedom ring….

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Raw Rant: Not Live @ CES 2011


Coming at you Live from CES 2011……..wait not live? why? Tara? …whos Tara? Oh yea its the dumb bitch didn’t allow us to host our show live so we went in looked around, caused some ruckus, sang a bit, yelled a bit, did a strip tease, and saw some of the best tech coming out 2012.

Video coming soon, in the meantime heres the podcast featuring Donald, Jesus, and Brian….

Carlos from Emphasis came with us as a native guide in the rough frontier of vegas showrooms, in the pictures hes the sexy (no not gay) indian fella.

Enjoy the show, video, and pictures…oh….Tara can suck it!! along with Joel Grover and Steven Segal…..

Sponsored by: EXM Media


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Happy New Year from Orlando Jones

Posted 02 Jan 2011 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show, The Point Blank Show
The Takeover Vol 10 !

Raw Rant wishes you all a Happy New Year and from our brotha with Gangster Rock, the man, the myth, the legend…Orlando Jones!!!!

Listen To:

The Takeover vol.10 hosted by:
Orlando Jones (New Years Edition)

The tracks are listed below, play it at your new years eve party or stream it in your car to cure that nasty hangover you will have till monday.

cialis natural />

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Merry Christmas @RawRant

angry drunk santa

Host: Brian, Neil, and Don

Guest: Little baby Jesus

We Talk About:

  • Gift Cards are stupid impersonal gifts
  • Brian gets a TV gig
  • Neil is a Grinch
  • Don fights the Holiday Drive

Merry Christmas from:

  • Brian, Don, & Neil
  • EXM Media
  • Green Life Escrow
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Raw Rant 36: You Can’t Stop The Signal

cant stop the signal

Host: Brian & Neil

Sponsor: Contapps

Guest: You and the rest of the Internet…. for now

What we Talk About:

  • Sean Penn is a left wing retard
  • FCC decides the fate of the internet
  • Obama is douche of the year (good job everybody, I fucking told you so)
  • What Happened to voting for laws and bills and leaders?
  • USA is becoming Socialist Communist and we cant stop it.
  • Remember,  Remember the 5th of November.
  • The REAL History of Pirates, We Are Pure Eight! (peirates)
  • Tea Party: Awesome?
  • Canceled Or Renewed: 2010
  • Spy on your Friends and Family for that bitch that runs so-called Homeland Security
  • 1975 Movie: Boss Nigger (WTF) Proof that at one time we weren’t all sensitive assholes.
  • Pirate Bay is the 90th Most visited site in the world, long live the Pirate Party.
  • Gays continue to push agenda by forcing there way into the Military, agian without a fucking vote.
  • Wiki Leaks is a News Source and deserves the protection that comes along with Free Speach
  • Etc Etc Etc, bunch of other stuff just listen to the show…


Special: ICP Juggalo Fags Attack Woman

Posted 24 Nov 2010 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

This is a special quick rant about ICP and there fans called Juggalos or Juggalettes, but realy there all just fat fagget ass white trailer trash emo retards who beat up eminem fans and attack woman in the name if ICP who say that there christian and follow Jesus and the bible but cus and beat defenseless woman on the streets.

What the fuck is wrong with you fucking retards, listen you emo fat ass fucks go get some friends or a job or a life of some sort and stop this maddness, you will die young or my hard working ass will be supporting your 7 little juggalos and your trailer when you grow up.




you will never get a job or get laid (by a girl) with fucking clown makeup on your retards….

I really hope that all you juggalo assholes would go sterile so kids could never come out of your fat ass with face paint.

Weekly Wrap: Scott Pilgrim vs Halloween

Posted 01 Nov 2010 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show, The Media Pimps

Hosts: Donny and Bdawg fresh from Halloween

Next On the GameCast:

Scott Pilgrim Review
Halo Reach Review
The Force Unleashed 2 Review

oh yea…fuck Joel Grover from NBC (rant tomorrow)

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Weekly Wrap: Always Sunny in Philadelphia Podcast

Posted 10 Oct 2010 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Brian wraps up the week with Dee Dennis and Frank on this very special, always sunny podcast.

Enjoy and join us Sunday with Don & Brian for the Gaming Podcast.

Warcraft 3 Classic Live is up for DL today for all those who are waiting for it!!

Here is is: cialis in usa

Weekly Wrap it up

Posted 02 Oct 2010 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Max & Online Brian Wrap it up: See you next week!

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