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Raw Rant 79: My Type of Girl, whats yours?

Posted 05 Apr 2011 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

The Alexia Lei Show

Host: Alexia Lei and Digital D

Holla to the twitter followers with shout outs, whats your type of girl or guy, shut up Brian, and Alexia wants an X-Box…..

you gotta listen to the whole show!

Note: If you are just seeing this we are sorry, the mirror system we have in place kept the servers cranking but server 1 didn’t have the latest updates, the issue has been fixed, enjoy!

Raw Rant 71: Alexia Lei puts Kerryann De La Cruz in the Hot Seat in High Def

Posted 17 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

The Alexia Lei Show

Host: Alexia and Digital D

Guest: Kerryann De La Cruz

Alexia wants to apologize for the following:

  • Some chick named “Doorknob”
  • Digital D’s HUGE balls
  • Japan and the tsunami
  • Dumb White Chicks that go to UCLA
  • Salty Sweaty Backs

etc etc etc, blah blah blah, listen to the whole show….

Raw Rant 67: Alexia Lei, Sahar Spice and Hairy Men….Nuff Said

Posted 11 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

Alexia Lei Show

Host: Alexia, Digital D, Sahar

Talking about crazy DJ names, turns ons, turn offs, toes, fetishes, youtube, etc etc  etc….you really gotta listen to the whole show!

Raw Rant 64: Alexia Lei Canceled / PBS Re-Broadcast


Alexia Lei Show: Canceled (this week)

Point Blank Show: Re-Broadcast

This week our super girl Alexia is stuck in a hotel room battling a bad internet connection (and David’s sexual advances) so this weeks show will be canceled and a extra-awesome show will be up next week.

In its place we will be airing the first episode where we introduce Alexia on the Point Blank Show……

Enjoy and she will be back next week….

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Raw Rant 58: The Alexia Lei Show @ Union Station

Posted 24 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

The Alexia Lei Show

Host: Alexia Lei

Guest: Kary Leigh & DJ_Ryan Live

Seriously Random Radio, listen to the whole show…..

Raw Rant 35: Hunt for the Purple Buffalo


Host: Jade Kira

Guest: Juice Chunky

Jade Talks about:

  • Astral Signs
  • Club Do’s
  • Club Don’ts
  • Men Like to Hunt
  • Purple Buffalo
  • Disgrasions
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Raw Rant 32: Steven Seagal is a Juggalo (No Talent Fat Ass Clown)

Posted 10 Dec 2010 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

The Darth Jader Show

Host: Jade Kira

Guest: Brian, Don, Juice

Movie Reviews:

HK/China Action Stars:

  • Jet Li
  • Jacky Chan
  • Tony Jaa
  • Bruce Lee

American Action Stars:

  • Sly
  • Arnold
  • Jean Claude

Would You Rather?

Raw Rant 27: The Darth Jader Show

Posted 06 Dec 2010 in Podcast, The Alexia Lei Show

Host: Jade Kira

Guest: cialis tadalafil side effects Brian and Don

Jade Talks About:

  • Weird Japan
  • Suicide Rates
  • The Green Hornet
  • Breast Size
  • Racist Asian Jokes
  • James Cameron Overrated
  • Voyage If The Dawn Treader Movie
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Raw Rant 26: Thanksgiving Candy with Jade


Host: Jade Kira

Guest: Donald, Juice, and Brian

Jade Talks about:

  • Japanese Sex Dolls
  • Japanese Robot Teachers
  • Dirty Men and School Girls
  • Holographic Pop Stars
  • Rabit Candy T-Shirts
  • Method safe cialis Actors
  • Twilight Movie
  • Larry David

Listen to the whole show…..