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Big & Chunky: Creepy Edition with Tyler and Andre 9000

Posted 11 Oct 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Raw Rant #123

Hide your 13 year olds!! this is the Halloween edition, mainly because I just found this episode hiding in the porn section of Michelle’s hard drive.

Featuring one of my personal favorites Tyler and Andre who is not allowed within 100 feet of high schools or keyboards.

While we really want to do the Big and Chunky show more often we need you all to speak up and get me motivated.

Talking About:
Celeb Crush: Bill Nighy
Pirate Radio
Your Medical Questions
and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember considering this is like 2 months old.

Welcome back Mouse and crew, ill be playing some poker over at Party Poker for the remainder of the show.

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Big & Chunky: Slumber Stalking Party!!

Posted 13 Sep 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Raw Rant #117

Welcome Mouse back with partner in crime Kim K.

Start the show with an update about her stalking of a very special client.

End the show with loads of awesome!


Mouse Presents: The Big & Chunky Show!

Posted 21 Jul 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Raw Rant #102

The PBS guys are off saving whales on the Sea Shepard with that crazy ex-Peta guy (hi this is Mike) but in its stead is a sneak peak at the new BNC show with Mouse and the gang coming every 2 weeks starting August.

Alot of things are talked about and its pretty friggen funny so be sure to listen to the whole show!

The Big & Chunky Show: Kiki Kannibal attends ucla with Adele Adkins

Posted 11 May 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show
kiki kannibal

Raw Rant #89

Juice is back in the background yelling at Mouse with guest Kim K.

Mouse talks about Adele Adkins (who needs atkins) and Kiki Kannibal, then starts a short tangent with Kim about state schools.

A little about Kim, shes a skinny black chick with a bad attitude……. jk.

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The Big & Chunky Show: Mormons are Magical (like elves or gnomes)

Posted 04 May 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Raw Rant #87

Mouse wants to say sorry to:

Mormons, Obama, Osama, Juice, Frozen bodies, red people, health nuts, and homos……you should really listen to the whole show!

Now Available in: 2% Low Fat Conservative


Raw Rant 84: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, We don’t know!

Posted 20 Apr 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice & Mouse

Talking About: Gay Agenda (in schools) Fake Chinese Armys, Rihanna, Prison, etc etc etc

Just listen to the whole show…..

Raw Rant 77: Playing Incest Twister with Obama

Posted 31 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice, Vic, and Mouse

Incest, Obama, Welfare, Kids, Rich, Gangsters, Retards, Bush, Home Business, Rich Old Ladies, Canada, Asians, Latin Dick etc etc etc

oh, and Brian’s large Penis, Listen to the whole show……

Raw Rant 75: Dolphin Sex is Best, wait what?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big and Chunky Show

Host: Juice & Mouse

Vic is doing a stand up show in LA today and hes missing some hot talk about dolphin sex as Michelle the newest host of the Big & Chunky show tears it up with Juice in a not so forgiving tell all about their shady history and missed connections.

Shes smart, funny, and can take a joke. The chemistry is something you want to listen to.

Good Luck, your gonna need it……

Raw Rant 63: Trust me, the last 20 minutes are funny

Posted 02 Mar 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Jesus and Vic (sorta)

Ok so the first 45 minutes are rough to say the least with Vic on his phone and Jesus higher then balloon boy, they come back from commercial with a pep talk from Bobby Flay and kill it, talking about Venice Beach gangstas and electric race cars.

Trust me when I say it gets better this time…..

Raw Rant 57: Blame Canada for Dumb White People

Posted 23 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice and Vic Cruz

The BNC show returns with Juices new partner in crime formerly of PBS is Vic Cruz.

These 2 fellas bring the best of high school wit and drug induced non-facts with semi homo erotic, semi racist, and always drunk mumblings.

Welcome to the Big & Chunky Show!

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