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Raw Rant 47: Jump the Shark Bottle Neck Drug Episode…

Posted 27 Jan 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

The Big & Chunky Show

Hosts: Juice and Donny

They Talk about Chicks, Weed, Blah Blah Blah……

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Raw Rant 42: Here comes the “Saturday Sessions” with DJ Whitey White

Posted 13 Jan 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice

Guest: Brian and DJ Whitey

The Big and Chunky Show cialis offer introduces DJ Whitey White to our newest arrival “Saturday Sessions”

Talkin Aboot:

  • Parenting
  • Public Schools
  • Fat Chicks
  • Poor People

Listen to the whole show…..Tara and Joel Grover can Suck it!

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Raw Rant: Not Live @ CES 2011


Coming at you Live from CES 2011……..wait not live? why? Tara? …whos Tara? Oh yea its the dumb bitch didn’t allow us to host our show live so we went in looked around, caused some ruckus, sang a bit, yelled a bit, did a strip tease, and saw some of the best tech coming out 2012.

Video coming soon, in the meantime heres the podcast featuring Donald, Jesus, and Brian….

Carlos from Emphasis came with us as a native guide in the rough frontier of vegas showrooms, in the pictures hes the sexy (no not gay) indian fella.

Enjoy the show, video, and pictures…oh….Tara can suck it!! along with Joel Grover and Steven Segal…..

Sponsored by: EXM Media


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Raw Rant 35: Hunt for the Purple Buffalo


Host: Jade Kira

Guest: Juice Chunky

Jade Talks about:

  • Astral Signs
  • Club Do’s
  • Club Don’ts
  • Men Like to Hunt
  • Purple Buffalo
  • Disgrasions
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Raw Rant 30: Muffin Top Dreams

Posted 09 Dec 2010 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice & Brian

Guest: Your Mom

We Talk About:

  • Wet Dreams
  • Girls Wear To Much Makeup
  • Sensitive Men
  • Men and Skinny Jeans
  • Waking up with the Beast
  • Mermaid Theory
  • Snookie, Kim Kardashian, medicament cialis The Situation
  • Kim Gosselin is a Bitch
  • Jon bury Kate In the Rose Garden
  • Young Couples who act like married couples

Big & Chunky Girl of the Week: Kim Kardashian

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Raw Rant 25: The Big & Chunky Show

Posted 02 Dec 2010 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Host: Juice

Guest: B-Dogg

What we talk about:

  • Juggalos
  • E-Cigs
  • Asshole brand cialis cheap order Cops
  • Thanksgiving Football
  • Sweet Daddy Copenhagen: American Bad Ass
  • Getting raped by the State of california
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