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The Point Blank Show: Mad Men Game and Rub and Tugs

Posted 05 Aug 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show
rub and tug

Raw Rant #105

This is part 1 and starting off with some stimulating talk about beards and barbers then move on to massage parlors and rub and tugs, after beating off we all sit down to play the final Mad Men Game and that son of a bitch ____ wins the game!

Listen to the whole show!

The Point Blank Show: Say My Name with Jenn (Part 2)

Posted 04 Aug 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #104

Helllloooooo Everryyybodddyy!!!

Welcome back to the mutha _____ Point Blank Show, this is part 2 of a fantastic episode featuring the lovely Jenn and paper Brandon (funnier then human Brandon) bringing the news etc etc.

I ran out of things to write after the paper Brandon joke so do me a favor and just listen to the friggen show.

The Point Blank Show: Say My Name (Host Edition)

Posted 30 Jul 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #103

Part 1 of 2 Say My Name with Jenn!

Listen to the whole show!

The Point Blank Show: Rape Is Not A Joke…

Posted 15 Jul 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #101

Hey party people, we get this show started with a healthy comment read from all of you. Looks like theres some people upset about a few comments Brian made last week but not to fret because Carol comes to the rescue!

After the comments we talk some shop and prepare for the weekly challenge. This week were playing the boob tube and Steve is our game master!

From 80′s TV to current mini series we theres something in there for everyone , after the game we get into some non biased news with Brandon then wrap it up!

Good Show, be sure to listen to the whole thing because at one point Brandon tells you where you can find 100,0000 dollars! (ok that part is not true)



The Point Blank Show: IMDB Geek and High School Pranks!

Posted 09 Jul 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #99

Brian is NOT an asshole people, free Raw Rant shirt for anybody that comments about Mike and how much he sucks!

Either way the show is good, rockin your fav game: IMDB Geek with special guest C-Los who should have won but the bonus question snuck Steve through the backdoor as he proceeded to pile drive C-Los.

Good Show, Great Coke, you gotta listen!


Posted 04 Jul 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #98

Steve is out of town, so Mike and Brandon are joined by Jen, “The News Girl” again. We kick off the show with a story about a Los Angeles hostel, which houses international English language students. Since there’s listener comments, we actually get to read them on air again. Later on, we play another round of the Geek Grammys trivia game. In the news, we talk about Mike quitting smoking, childhood obesity, and video game censorship.
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The Point Blank Show: Return of the Boob Tube

Posted 24 Jun 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #97

At the start of the show, the guys talk about the return of Listener Comments. It looks like Brian fixed the problem,so if you post a comment, it should show up, and will be read on next week’s Point Blank Show. They also talk abouthow the show will have a live streaming video feed soon, so you can see Mike, Brandon, and Steve act stupid instead ofjust sounding stupid.
Before playing the Boob Tube trivia game about television shows, they discuss whether Repo Games on Spike should beon air or not. On the News segment, Ron Artest changed his name, Whitey Bulger was apprehended, and cross-countrybullet trains are a possibility, so there’s a lot to chat about.

presented by: Junior Varsity

The Point Blank Show: Live From Raw Rant Studios…

Posted 17 Jun 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #96

The Fellas are at the new studio kickin it pro style!

Steve hosts the Mad Men game and of course Mike wins, alot is talked about but I forget now because I have been on a 48 hour coke binge and cant feel my fingers…………seriously call a doctor……what is that….a roach or wha…..

(oh yea, Juice joins PBS for the game for all you Juice fans out there!)

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Junior Varsity Presents: Point Blank Show Interviews Ian Smith

Posted 15 Jun 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

New from the gents that brought you “IMDB Geek” and “Enough is Enough”

The fellas interview some awesome people in this hilarious podcast

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The Point Blank Show: Say My Name!

Posted 10 Jun 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant # 95

After a week off, the guys are back with a new trivia game, and a lot to complain about.
Topics include:
-New Interviews-The Getty Villa Security-Super Hero Powers-Say My Name, Comedy Edition-Violent Cops/Dumb Criminals-Worst Rated Actors
Don’t forget to comment, and we’ll read what you said on air next week!

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