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Raw Rant 9: Bishup off da heezie!

Posted 07 Oct 2010 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Host: Brian, Jason, and Kristyn

* Fall/Winter Coming Soon
* Top 5 Movies
* Top 2 Music
* Rants


Bishup “The Traveling Salesmen” (coming soon)

Coming Soon:

Harry Potter
Captian America
Green Lantern
Pirates of the Caribbean

Top 5 Movies:

Buddy Films

Top 2 Music:

Mixed Genre (ie: red hot chili peppers)


Movie Studio Madness
Artist “selling out”


Best Robin Hood
The Human Centipede
DVD Releases
Lil Wayne releases another car crash from Jail!

Raw Rant 5: Movie Cast & Reviews

Posted 30 Sep 2010 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Host: Brian, Don, Jason, Kristyn


Star Wars 3d
Saw 3d
Underworld 4

“Get Him To THe Greek” Review

Brian 5/4
Don 4/4
Jason 3/4
Kristyn 3.7/4

Favorate Lines:

Fat Guy: dude your being a bitch
Destiny (stripper) pussy hair shaved into a mic and says ” testing, testing 1 2 3″ wanna sing hairioke?
Pdiddy: “you cant outrun me, I’m black!”
Pdiddy: where the fuck are you, im going to kill you, smily face!

Favorate Charactors:

Jackie Q
Jonah Hill


We also talk about robin hood and TV shows without endings.
Theres alot more just listen because I dont like to type damit!



[myyoutubeplaylist uWAPVm3vR4M, P1jX17A3UHU, CABAf6Ocrgc]


Movie Cast Airs @ 10pm (The Greek Review)

Posted 30 Sep 2010 in The Point Blank Show

Hosts: Brian Monty, Shane Monty & Don Henson with guest Jason Gordon

Get Him To The Greek Review, see trailer here:

watch/download the movie with us in HD here:

Also otc cialis will discuss banned music videos from the fake/made up artist listed in Get Him to the Greek

Ring Around My Rosie here:

Supertight here:

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