Raw Rant 48: Do You Have A Good Surge Protector?

Posted 28 Jan 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

The Point Blank Show

Host: Brandon, Mike, and Steve

Guest: Kevin Dolan (?http://www.youtube.com/kevindolanshow)

Tonight the Boys chat about random news topics including but not limited to real estate agents that pinch and scratch small babies and other nonsense I’m to drunk to remember.

Also they play a new quiz game called “Name That State” where the contestants have to guess what state is shrouded in random, obscure facts….somehow Brian came back from a slow start to take the title based on an obscure law in Oklahoma regarding a ban on whaling.

Join us on the next show and seriously listen to the whole show or your losing out….

See Kevins Talk Show Here:

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Posted by Brian X
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  1. Robt Wisniewski (29 Jan 2011, 0:46)

    Really good show, keep it up

    another note: can we trade Vicky for a full time Steve?

  2. Timm (29 Jan 2011, 1:49)

    Brian is a Fucking Genius! (or autistic) that game was way to smart for this crowd guys hahaha

  3. Leba noclegi (29 Jan 2011, 11:37)

    wheres Vic at is he really in Jail?

  4. Hilcock (29 Jan 2011, 18:37)

    wait is Kevin the same person as Steve or what cuz they never talked to each other the entire segment

  5. Frank Fist (01 Feb 2011, 0:20)

    Two Words: AUDIO HEAVEN. I have hit the motherload, praise the beast with a thousand backs!

  6. Rocky 5 (01 Feb 2011, 2:41)

    Rocky Horror Glee Show was filmed in oregon to

  7. BGR Deez Nuts (01 Feb 2011, 10:00)

    wtf whales in oklahoma

  8. pozycjonowanie stron (02 Feb 2011, 12:20)

    ditto the movie game

  9. Luigi Lermon (02 Feb 2011, 20:04)

    what happened to the movie game I was realy looking forard to that

  10. kalkulator (03 Feb 2011, 13:41)

    I have an amazing surge protector but can use some advise on DC load average, have Kevin come to my house.

  11. Thanh Pinkham (07 Feb 2011, 6:18)

    Dam this Blog is AWESOME. If you wrote this any better i would think you were a super human. lol nice.:)

  12. Gemini (08 Feb 2011, 8:18)

    nice I won the game bitches!

  13. Stauffer (16 Mar 2011, 9:58)

    funny ranting it pisses me off in the most crazy funny rant way!

    love it