Duo Deejays: Absolute Raw Chaos

Posted 30 Apr 2011 in Podcast, Saturday Sessions


Special Saturday Sessions from Duo Deejays, listen to the monster mix.


Evanescence – Bring Me To Life 2011 (DJs From Mars Mix)
Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze (Benny Benassi Remix)
Benny Benassi & T-Pain – Electroman ( John Dahlbäck Mix)
Calvin Harris – Awooga
Tiga – You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix)
Crystal Fighters – Swallow (Angger Dimas Club Remix)
Professor Green – Monster (T.E.E.D. Remix)
Avicii – Fuck The Music
Juan Serrano – Bocaccio (Feat. Miguel Lara)
Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – Only You (Ken Loi Remix)

Most people spend their lives searching for great music, occasionally finding something truly amazing and inspirational among countless examples of poor music. Once in a while, a truly distinct artist or group will meet, and perfection ensues. From two separate paths, from two different stores, two men came together, as the story often goes. These two men met for a reason: to create amazing music together. Their combination of two very distinct talents creates the ultimate listening experience for anyone listening to their creations. The brilliance of these two men goes beyond throwing together some notes and hoping for a good sound; instead the vinyls and needs seem to just align into the perfect sound. The Duo DeeJays came to the forefront from their own unique backgrounds, a celebration of their individual talents and achievements. Their brilliant combination is peaked at a point of euphoric bliss; a truly indescribable listening experience.

The Due DeeJays are made up of George and Matt. George was previously trained in classical music of all sorts. Eventually, George realized that his true calling in the musical world was not classical, and rebelled away from this early beginning to follow what he truly was passionate about. Matt grew up addicted to rhythms of all different types, and his keen ability to pick up on more unique rhythms and reject typical ones lead him to pursue a truly enlightened sound. When George and Matt finally joined up to begin creating music together, not a single club has stood still.

George and Matt are able to use their joined talents to create a type of tech-funky house music and an exciting, adrenaline pumping Euphoric-Miami type music. Their brand new creation is just what electronica lovers have been waiting for, and any fan of the genre is sure to be drawn to the dance floor until night has turned into day and the house lights come back on. Their unique style appeals to virtually everyone, and their individual styles compliment each other extremely well. Matt and George are highly in demand, as they perform both at high end night clubs and at private parties all around the Southern California area virtually every weekend, and the events they perform at are always the talk of the town for months to come. Ultimately, the Due DeeJahs have just one major goal in their performance: to make everyone, no matter what their background or musical taste, dance and enjoy their evening to the fullest. They live up to their motto “We Spin. You move.”


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    What a show! Please come again! PLEASEEEE