Raw Rant Show: Guest Alan Carr

Posted 03 Jun 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #149

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We have a special guest this week – head Lawyer with SAS Studios working on a new¬†Guillermo del Toro blockbuster “Last Generation”

We will be releasing the show every Friday starting this week and we hope to keep that schedule nice and tight like the future Boy Scouts of America.

Were talking ab out the Fast 6 review and video games = violence.

Also talking about the GBSA or BSA and the new Pro Gay policy.

See you this friday

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Kmac (06 Jun 2013, 18:07)

    Possibly the greatest show ever…. Tons of awesome content…. Alan was pretty cool…. But hey where are the fucking rants? Jesus…. I’m not real big on change… I miss the old pointless blank show I even miss Steve and mike…. Brennan was priceless… I accidentally found this show by searching for raped torsos a year or so back (inside joke… Blah will get it) the old format was so ignorantly random and fun…. Now it’s all seriousness…. I mean at one time Brian admitted to shitting his pants…. What happened to the good stories like that? I’m trying not to complain but fuck we seem to have lost carol and the guy Asian guy that used to comment along with me… Now it me Sloggydog and moosefucker… I’m just a little down about the whole situation…you gotta get a reunion show together.. Fucking Skype it if you have too…. I’m sure most of the old listeners will agree with me…. New listeners… Go fuck yourselves. Go listen to some of the old shows and find out what raw rant used to be all about.

  2. Brian X (06 Jun 2013, 18:12)

    Hey Kmac, I’m glad you liked the new show.

    I’m trying to get that sweet ass Brandon back in studio and today we gotta call about syndacation so maybe that will draw the fellas back for a few shows here and there.

    I’d love to do the PBS show again but these guys just got stupid busy with success and forgot about the Blah Blah :)

    I’ll keep you posted on my efforts. Look out for the new show tomorrow because there is a RANT!

  3. bitchwithdick (07 Jun 2013, 5:19)

    great show, good job my cutie mr play

  4. Carol (07 Jun 2013, 5:20)

    Awesome show guys really good stuff, I enjoyed every min of it

    Kmac BTW I am still listening.

  5. Sloggydog (07 Jun 2013, 6:00)

    It was good to have a a special guest. Bring back the game! The old shows were better but the new shirt ain’t bad. Suck it ca ca ca carol!

  6. Sloggydog (07 Jun 2013, 6:02)

    Show* fucking autocorrect

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