Raw Rant 59: Imdb Geek: The Academy Awards Edition

Posted 25 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

The Point Blank Show

Presented by Junior Varsity

Hosts: Mike, Steve, and Cousin Jason
Injured Reserve: Brandon
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The guys start out by going over the listener’s comments from last week’s show. After that, they interview guest host Cousin Jason, talk about how pizza can save your life, and play Imdb Geek since the Oscars are coming up this weekend.
Posted by Brian X
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  1. papetarie si birotica (25 Feb 2011, 11:59)

    apropo merci de post a fost foarte interesant ,sper sa mai intru si alta data si sa gasesc informatii asemanatoare

  2. Bianca Noye (25 Feb 2011, 12:11)

    I love this game, I lost tho :(

  3. Abdul Maybrier (26 Feb 2011, 13:05)

    you guys should give carol a podcast

  4. Carol Delmar (27 Feb 2011, 2:17)

    you boys ask what I want to talk about then suggest things like makeup?? C’mon you guys are the writers and you know the best writing comes from your experiences, the reason that people listen to you closet homos is not the fake story’s or games but your life experiences and character

    What I know about you fellas:
    Brad: Voice is squeaky like a child but overtones of an old man, I just want to take care of you.
    Mike: You sound happy and friendly but can tell your a bit of a tight ass, why so serious? think Chris Farley (before death)
    Steve: A Beaten man, your wife smacks you around and this is your escape, its true what they say about tortured artist and you are by far my favorite.

    Vic/Kevin/Brian: you are beyond help, (bigot, asshole, racist, dick) I started listening to raw because your blunt over the top views on life and your lack of shame, theres one thing you have going for you and thats humility because fans like me know your the gas that powers this racist engine.

    by the way I listen to: this show, the geek show, and the game show (the others I dont have time for)

  5. 95Torrez (27 Feb 2011, 20:12)

    All of us am so excited about the academy awards this year. My wife and I have been looking forward to them the entire 365 days. My wife and I can not wait to see exactly who wins! Any predictions?

  6. Henry (01 Mar 2011, 2:22)

    Sucka MC’s…you dun did it again. Funny azzz shit. I’m all like no he didn’t. PMMFP!!!! That’s Piss My MUTHA FUCKING Pants.

  7. Veal 006 (01 Mar 2011, 17:25)

    Best show yet! Keep playing the movie game. Fuck the oldys music. Dominoes blows donkey dick.

  8. Toms Coupons (03 Mar 2011, 17:34)

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  10. Tamisha Gowdy (17 Mar 2011, 4:14)

    I like it, tell Brian to shutup (bitch)

  11. Lyman Boesch (17 Mar 2011, 15:57)

    sup fellas I love the game, yeeeaa!

  12. Queen Albee (18 Mar 2011, 13:09)

    Terrific, I found a new podcast to listen to, you 3 should really consider doing some video cast to