Raw Rant 50: Mad Men Contest

Posted 04 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Junior Varsity Presents: The Point Blank Show

with host: Brandon, Mike, and Steve

Vic has gone to no prescription cialis the dark side and is joining Juice at the top of the podcast pile over at the Big & Chunky Show.

You asked for Vic and you cant get enough of the Big & Chunky so we put 2 and 2 together, see we listen you you guys

Tonight the PBS boys play the Mad Men Contest and shoot the shit about football, relationships, and the news….

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Carol D (04 Feb 2011, 20:16)

    yes I did enjoy the movie game but I think this could turn out quite nicely, by the way Vic I don’t mind a good donkey show

  2. kimberly (21 Feb 2011, 20:54)

    as if!