Raw Rant 53: Music Madness with the lovely Alexia Lei

Posted 18 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

The where to buy cialis without prescription Point Blank Show

Hosts: Mike, Steve, and Brandon

Guest: Alexia Lei

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Henry (18 Feb 2011, 22:02)

    Great fucking show. Another gem…best one yet. I’m all like shittin’ my pants listening to you fools. ROFL…LOL.

  2. Carol (19 Feb 2011, 0:14)

    oldies game blows, sorry nut my friggen score was -20 because I didn’t know ANY of the music or bands you were talking about, may have been in another country for all I knew.

    Side Note: is Brian some kind of savant? mofo knows the most random shit man lolz

  3. WhereIsNeil? (19 Feb 2011, 16:04)

    what happened to the little rascist elf?

  4. BiGdMo35 (19 Feb 2011, 16:24)

    great showsguys, Alexia is hot! I actually follow her twitter too. Pretty cool gal, especially to hang out with you fools!!

    great job, keep it up!

    how about a game using movie clips?

  5. MetronGeek (19 Feb 2011, 19:28)

    what / who is Carol?

    by the way the game sucked, all you talked about was shitty old people music, I dont know what your listening to but this isn’t the fucking oldies station

    bring back the movie game, and include some modern shit

  6. Carol Deez Nuts (20 Feb 2011, 0:35)

    listen bitches: you asked if I was man or woman?

    little of both, biologic woman but I love me the ladies (unlike Vic) yes ma negros I am a Lipstick Lezz

    what do you have to say about that?

  7. Eric Ramos (20 Feb 2011, 10:27)

    that Alexia bitch is sexy man, cant wait for some video! next time tell her to get naked and shut the fuck up!

  8. Jennifer (23 Feb 2011, 19:43)

    I rocked that music game.

    By the way, the bouncers called Josh back into the bar with the painting. They were like, “Dude! You just can’t do that!”

  9. kimberly (01 Mar 2011, 19:19)

    yeah nice