THE POINT BLANK SHOW: 9/11 Anniversary in Coloring Books

Posted 02 Sep 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #114

In this episode, we read some interesting Listener Comments, introduce a new segment called “Hot Topic” about Hurricane Irene, and cover the latest current events in our News segment.

Topics include:

Kim Kardashian and Brian switched at birth
Brian on Skates
Hard to Read Captchas
Hurricane Irene Investigative Report
10th Anniversary of 9/11
University of Kentucky Smoking Ban
McDonald’s 12 Failed Menu Items


Posted by brandon


  1. Jack1028 (03 Sep 2011, 17:58)

    Long time listener, first time posting a comment.

    Great show guys… really entertaining stuff as always. Gotta love the banter and the news was great as always. Only complaint: stop with the pro-healthy/organic hippy shit, dammit! If I wanted to hear about that crap I’d listen to talk radio in San Francisco. Keep it up

  2. AnnieGotGun (07 Sep 2011, 1:58)

    hahahaha Brian pays you guys?

    for what??? hahahaha

  3. Carol Deez (07 Sep 2011, 2:08)

    good friggen labor day, bet you gents are still drunk.

    hey are you talking about tntfactory(dot)com?

    its a small world because I’ve worked with Colleen personally, didn’t have the best experience but small world regardless.

    I hope my boys had a great weekend, oh and that cat thing is true (gross) but true.