The Point Blank Show: It’s A Cheeseburger Christmas!

Posted 16 Dec 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #129

Hosted by Junior Varsity

Happy Holidays from Raw Rant and Junior Varsity! What did Santa(Brian) get us for Xmas? A new JV website! Check it out when you get a chance. On this week’s podcast, we play The Boob Tube trivia game, talk about the best burger joints, and debate child safety. Hosting this podcast for the past year has been a real treat. We couldn’t do it without you, the best podcast listeners in the world. Have a Happy New Year! Can’t wait to listen to your comments in 2012!

Topics include:

New Junior Varsity Website
Pancakes Or Waffles
Disney World And Amusement Parks
Child Safety
The Boob Tube: Animation Edition
Racist Cartoons
WalMart Shoplifter Surrounded By Cops
Supermarket Sweep
Pizza Dipping Sauce
The Best Burgers In Town
Ultimate Fighter Robbed At Gunpoint



Posted by brandon


  1. Sign blank (16 Dec 2011, 6:01)

    This really is a aw some post, I’m happy I recently found. I have been trying to find guest writers for my blog so if you ever decide that’s something you are interested in please feel free to contact me. I will be back to look at out more of your articles later!..

  2. kmac (21 Dec 2011, 13:16)

    that first comment made less sense than some of the shit frankay says on here. the last few show have been fucking great. its seem the later you do the podcast the more it seems natural. more stories from you guys being kids would be nice though. I miss carol, where the fuck are u? is there a time limit on your shows? a three or four hour show would kick some ass.

  3. awesome blossom (28 Dec 2011, 7:20)

    Hahahahaha true that.

    Merry Christmas my fellows, I got to use you app on my 3 hour trip back to NYC and I’m nor totally disapoonted but it would have been nice tto comment from the app.

    Can’t wait for the new years show I expect some awesomeness

  4. frankay (28 Dec 2011, 7:24)

    So I went to that website and it was coming soon still, on assuming this is a bla bla mistake?

    Either way this was aa good listen, hereis some friendly criticism: stop with the bits and just give us the raw.

    Also its been some time since I’ve heard a decent rant!

  5. Carol Deez (28 Dec 2011, 22:30)

    great show I was entertained but to be a critic for just a moment I feel like some of the fire has been lost when it comes to “issues” I hate to agree with Frank but I fear I must.

    I love you guys and I love this show but I want a little more of that raw feel

    just a thought.

    eagerly awaiting this weeks new years special!

  6. big willy (29 Dec 2011, 8:48)

    Say what!

    Merry Christmas fellas