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It’s Tuesday! New PBS on Tuesday!! Since Brandon is still out of town, News Girl Jen joined Blah Blah Brian, Steve, and Mike on the podcast this week. Before playing another heated round of The Boob Tube, we talk about wedding rings and Brian’s sperm count. In the News segment, a British guy gets snacked on by a Great White Shark, J Lo’s Fiat commercials suck, and a KKK Ice Cream Shop in Florida.

Topics include:

-Brian’s Contraception Methods
-Raw Rant’s High Rise
-Wedding Rings and Tattoos
-British Guy Eaten by Great White Shark
-Periods at Water Parks
-Amazon Kindle Fire vs. iPad
-The Boob Tube: On Air Edition
-Religion and Evolution
-Vampires in the Military
-Live Streaming Births
-Fiat’s Crappy J Lo Commercials
-Florida’s KKK Ice Cream Shop


Posted by Brian X
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  1. kmac (03 Oct 2011, 21:34)

    I’ve been listening to this show for over a year and its fuckin awesome!! I am going to do my best to make some kind of fucked up post every show till its over one day. So get used to me and fuck you carol you Amazon cum bucket!!

  2. robkorn (04 Oct 2011, 18:54)

    Haha wow smone has an chip on his soldier, I saw your last commet kfag.

    Shut it dick carol made this show better with her critic.

    Message to steve, let’s hang.

  3. kmac (04 Oct 2011, 21:23)

    What the fuck ever cornhole! Carol is a snotty bitch! Maybe you should try hanging with her instead of steve. Steve probably doesn’t like twinkie little faggots anyways.

  4. Carol Deez (05 Oct 2011, 9:14)

    Really? Really?

    I got nothing.

    good show fellas, bad listeners.

    I don’t even want to respond because its beneath me.

  5. kmac (05 Oct 2011, 12:07)

    I’m sorry carol!! I have turrets!!! I didn’t mean ny of that!!can you ever forgive me? I really want to be your friend!!!

  6. kmac (06 Oct 2011, 12:39)

    I’m in a jolly fucking mood and feel like being nice!! What’s the chances of getting brandon to end each show with “its time to make like a fetus and head out”?

  7. Carol Deez (11 Oct 2011, 10:19)

    hahaha, make like a fetus and head out!

    I like it and I forgive you K-Mac.

    Have not seen you all in a while I hope I didnt miss anything,

  8. Wanksta (11 Oct 2011, 10:22)

    true dat! this was one of the better ones, I missed you all for a bit I sort of go up and down as to when I listen to podcast so I get behind.

    what happened to Brandon? did you guys finally just murder him?

  9. kmac (11 Oct 2011, 23:07)

    Aight then carol we are friends now!!! I think the guys are busy having babies and gettin married!!the big and chunky show kicked some ass tho!!I have a great racial joke, what would the flinstones be called if they were black?…….niggers!

  10. Frankay (12 Oct 2011, 9:30)

    hahahahaha omfg

    hee lair ious

    dude if I was gay I would date you.

  11. Frankay (14 Oct 2011, 3:40)

    would have been nice to fuck that bitch from the block in the back of my fiat!

    big ol ass mmmmmm