Point Blank Show: Mad Men Naked Eating Chicken

Posted 06 May 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #88

The boys start off reading the comments then go into a spirited discussion about cookware. After an amazing game of Mad Men (Brian being he winner) they get into the news and interview Micheal Cook who was caught eating raw chicken after breaking into an old womens home.

Trust me its weirder then it sounds…..just listen!

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Jonny Tell All (06 May 2011, 17:43)

    Mike did whhhhatttt???

    Dam Mike you love the chicken brodie

  2. Oralia Schweiger (08 May 2011, 18:46)

    Smukkkkersssss!!!!! I was yelling at my iphone


  3. Kevin Deez (08 May 2011, 23:50)

    Brian: “Steve, call the cops, quick call the cops….”

    hahaha, that was great I was already rolling then I can hear Brian talking to Steve under his breath, nice fellers

  4. Carol D (09 May 2011, 7:08)

    Oh Stevie, I’m going to send a picture and I think the mental image would have been better then the real thing for you fellows considering that I am not “your type” of gal but more your sisters type ;)

    I liked the game and just like another comment here I was yelling at Brian “cmon fattie! you know this one, its smukkers!”

  5. Kamal (09 May 2011, 17:37)

    OMG Brian is sooooooo right, fuckin indians!

    wait, I’m indian?? whats wrong with indians fucker?

  6. Carols GF (10 May 2011, 1:47)

    lick it, lick it good!

  7. DumDaDumDum (10 May 2011, 10:36)

    hey I just watched your sketch show and I though it was good, I enjoy this show much more but it was nice to see what you all looked like.

  8. Castel (10 May 2011, 16:39)

    blah blah brian is right about the dam call centers.

  9. Caroll Gillespie (10 May 2011, 22:29)

    hahah Mike said British imports are worse then native american call centers! lol

  10. Kashes (11 May 2011, 5:43)

    I liked you on facebook! check me out @ Kashes Cee

  11. Mad men game (11 May 2011, 21:14)

    is funny as shit, note: brian did not win (i did)

  12. SpiderGuy (12 May 2011, 1:32)

    I miss the superhero game, (smuckers lol)

  13. PerryWhite (14 May 2011, 14:17)

    im with spider fag but did like the game

  14. Marcellus Keatley (14 May 2011, 20:59)

    I sear one day blah blah blah brian is going shoot somone on air