The Point Blank Show: Sandusky Pees His Pants at Jet Blue

Posted 12 Nov 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show


Steve is Moving to the Valley and Mike just peed his pants while ziplining . Jenn does the news and everybody is a bit uncomfortable when the Penn State Sandusky Scandal comes up.

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Posted by Brian X
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  1. kmac (15 Nov 2011, 13:05)

    Another great fucking show. You miss some big motherfuckin news though…..
    bravos and butthead are back. If you haven’t seen a new episode yet you hits to check it out.thanks for the phone advice but I went with the LG thrill and I have no regrets. What’s up Carol?

  2. kmac (15 Nov 2011, 13:13)

    OK one problem with my phone is this typing bullshit. It seems to say things that I’m not saying. Who the fuck is bravos? Is there a way to turn off the whatever you would Cal this auto suggest horseshit

  3. bump (15 Nov 2011, 17:15)

    Bump it LOUDER! Good episode, reminded me of the office where is a little uncomfortable and people don’t really want to talk about it but it is funny.

  4. Carol Deez (17 Nov 2011, 0:51)

    wow great show you guys had me in stitches a few times, the only thing that urked me was the SEVERAL times you interrupted the cute news girl!

    I’m not sure what you look like Jenn but your voice is SOOOO cute!

    cant wait for the next episode!

  5. Robkorn (17 Nov 2011, 0:52)

    back off Carol, shes all mine

    I called it.

    Mike: how do you feel about “open” relationships?

  6. Robkorn (17 Nov 2011, 0:53)

    SANDUSKY ‘ed

  7. sloggydog (17 Nov 2011, 19:10)

    Hey Mike I’d like a piece of that action too. Where can we see naked pis of her?

  8. Frankaayy (18 Nov 2011, 1:41)

    ooooh yea wheres the home videos mang!

    gimme some of that action….

  9. Met Lover (20 Nov 2011, 4:35)

    OK so I went to comment about half way though Brian talking about his crazy I shit my self story and the stupid feed started over arrrgggg!

    boy that shit was funny, I’m embarrased for you man!

  10. Brian_shit_his_pants (21 Nov 2011, 7:16)


    holy shit that was funny

    man you got some testies

  11. Max Power (22 Nov 2011, 22:56)