Raw Rant 100th Episode!!!!

Posted 14 Jul 2011 in Geek Speak, Podcast, The Media Pimps

Raw Rant #100

Hey Ladies and Gents!

I dragged Neil away from his lucrative career as a pimp for Taiwanese  lady boys for an afternoon so we leave this season the way we came in!

The last episode of geek speak and the final episode of this season is mediocre at best but good enough to occupy your time for that long drive to work .

I want to thank all of our fans and wonderful hosts that have made this little network such a blast, and for all the super fans out there this next season is going to be awesome!

New up this season is “Jr Varsity Presents” and a untitled daily show TBA, also new is our time format ranging from 30 – 120 min we will be sticking to a strict time format in tune with iTunes and other online feeds.

Lastly I want to thank every person that sent iTunes emails about getting us back on the list, it worked! and we will be back within the next 5 days according to Raghunandan from iTunes support!

Listen, Love, Live…

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