Raw Rant 22: Pedo Bear Hunts the Amazon

Posted 16 Nov 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Host: Neil and Brian

No Guest today just Neil and I shootin the shit and talking tech

We talk about:

  • Xbox Kinect for your Windows PC
  • Apple moves Carriers and services is still shit
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread?
  • Do what you want with your phones, xbox, ps3, etc. and void some warranties
  • Orlando Jones and Creativity
  • 8 Million Dollar Iphone 4
  • Chocolate covered bacon
  • AdHoc for your Smartphone
  • Netflix drags its feet on Android App
  • Hulu Takes its time on Android App
  • Android is taking over so Devs need to cialis without prescription get there shit together…
  • Pedo Guide to Love and Pleasure
  • Joel Grover is a BITCH

Just listen to the whole show, whether you laugh, cry, or spit blood at least your entertained…..

Posted by Brian X
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