Raw Rant 28: Smallville the Movie…

Posted 07 Dec 2010 in Geek Speak, Podcast

Host: Neil and Brian

Guest: None just Neil and Brian alone in the tub together

We talk about:

  • Smallville the Movie
  • Tom Welling should be Superman
  • Islam is a bloody religon
  • America: buy tadalafil cialis Land of the Bully
  • Who Should be Stoned
  • Get Over It

Listen the Show, my fingers are tired….

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Lauren Muddiman (22 Dec 2010, 22:25)

    Syfy pulled the plug on Stargate Universe. dam

  2. timberland boots (30 Dec 2010, 19:38)

    sexy bitches, i love me some husky men