Raw Rant 36: You Can’t Stop The Signal


Host: Brian & Neil

Sponsor: Contapps

Guest: You and the rest of the Internet…. for now

What we Talk About:

  • Sean Penn is a left wing retard
  • FCC decides the fate of the internet
  • Obama is douche of the year (good job everybody, I fucking told you so)
  • What Happened to voting for laws and bills and leaders?
  • USA is becoming Socialist Communist and we cant stop it.
  • Remember,  Remember the 5th of November.
  • The REAL History of Pirates, We Are Pure Eight! (peirates)
  • Tea Party: Awesome?
  • Canceled Or Renewed: 2010
  • Spy on your Friends and Family for that bitch that runs so-called Homeland Security
  • 1975 Movie: Boss Nigger (WTF) Proof that at one time we weren’t all sensitive assholes.
  • Pirate Bay is the 90th Most visited site in the world, long live the Pirate Party.
  • Gays continue to push agenda by forcing there way into the Military, agian without a fucking vote.
  • Wiki Leaks is a News Source and deserves the protection that comes along with Free Speach
  • Etc Etc Etc, bunch of other stuff just listen to the show…

I’m not positive what happened to Democratic process but what the fuck is going on with all these bills and laws and people being placed in effect without the American peoples views being at the very least considered.

Between Obamacare, Dont Ask Dont tell, and the FCC Internet Attacks were all in serious shit and the 4 year reset button (presidential election) is not good enough to UNDO the crazy shit thats going on, the governmental force wants to silence anyone or thing that demands answers and forces transparency, just take a look at Wiki Leaks and the criminal acts the government is committing in order to silence the truth.

All you dummys out there falling for the states bullshit about Wiki Leaks hurting people by releasing those documents should shut the fuck up and read a book, wiki leaks is reporting the crimes not committing them, its the criminals in the government that hurt people, and really, why the fuck do Americans care what happens to other country’s, stop it!

This is for Sean Penn

Shut the fuck up Sean look what happened now that we voted your butt monkey Obama into office.

And FYI Sean you bitch its not Americas fault that Hattie had an earthquake and that becasue they cut down all there trees so the water had no where to go and to top it off they made there roofs from cardboard and sticks, this isnt our fault douche and if you want to help then help your self and stop telling us that were assholes and its our fault if little kids die, and by the way douche if you claim to be an activist and celebrity then you realy need to be ok with paparazzi taking your picture and just becasue your celeb you cant go around beating the shit out of people like some fucking juggilo for taking your pucture, dick….your not just a celeb but also a SELF proclaimed activist so suck it up and take the camera up your ass if you have to.

To Sum it up:

Sean Penn is a complete, utter, total example of douchebaggery at its finest. Now he thinks he speaks for the people of Haiti because he has lived there for 6 months (again with a camera crew AND this time a non-profit organization funded by the relief effort, not his own $$). The reason he is such a great actor is because all great actors are insane douchebags and mindblowingly egotistical. If those were the only qualifications, our beloved Mr. Penn would not only win the Oscar every year, but they would rename it the Sean. The best thing Sean Penn could hope to do for this country would be to leave, go to Iran, and get beheaded there by terrorists on the internet.

One final Sean-winning performance for our agnostic friend. Fuck him and good riddance.

Canceled Or Renewed: 2010


Music By: Paulina Logan

Posted by Brian X
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