Raw Rant 38: Gaming with Vic Cruz and the Juice Master

Posted 02 Jan 2011 in Podcast, The Media Pimps

Host: Don and Brian

Guest: Vic Cruz and Juice

Talkin about games, girls, and apple products, you realy need to listen to the whole show……

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Top 10 Xbox 360 Games for 2011

10. Gears of War 3 is about humanity on the edge of annihilation by the Locust and a new enemy, the Lambent. The women, who were not allowed to be Gears, have now taken up arms and joined the fight. We’re expecting lots of enemy bits splattering across the screen, tons of curse words, and some silly plot twists. But with lessons learned from the first two games, we’re hoping Epic can deliver answers and some genuine emotion to go along with the pretty visuals and over-the-top action.

9.   Dead Space 2 players once again take control of the courageous engineer as he encounters the same twisted terrors that besieged a human colony on Aegis VII and an orbiting mining craft called the Ishimura. Dead Space 2 takes place after the events of the chilling original and is set on the Sprawl space station. With fallen friends and unspeakable horrors plaguing Isaac’s mind, he has a long and difficult journey of survival ahead of him.

8.  L.A. Noire – L.A. in 1947. World War II is over, the city is on the verge of major changes, and the police force is overrun with corruption. This is the setting of Rockstar’s latest open-world game. Unlike most Rockstar games, you don’t play the outlaw, but instead work the proper side of the law. There’s no morality meter, no choice between good and evil. You are the one upstanding cop, a war hero quickly promoted up the ranks to put a positive face on a very dirty police force.

7.  Child of Eden If you think you need drugs to feel a state of euphoria, take a peek at Child of Eden. Conceptualized by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez and Lumines, Child of Eden is yet another exploration of synesthesia from the famous developer. Uniting techno beats with stunningly vibrant visuals, this is a spiritual successor to Rez, but adds one important element: motion controls.

6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Adam Jensen should be dead, had it not been for advanced mechanical augmentation. This polarizing new technology is a specialty of Jensen’s firm Sarif Industries, and that technology has divided the world as mankind’s future races towards startling new heights. After Jensen is critically injured during an attack on Sarif, his body undergoes painful augmentation that transforms him into a deadly weapon — capable of more than an ordinary man.

5.  Rage The world we know is gone, replaced by the devastating aftermath of an asteroid impact. Fragments of humanity were meant to survive in pods called Arks, nestled underground. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Players take control of an Ark inhabitant that wakes to a world entirely alien. Mutants roam the wasteland and mankind clings to life.

4.  Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM Almost nothing is known about the next installment in the Elder Scrolls series. The latest, coming November 2011, takes place in the region of Skyrim. In northern Tamriel, Skyrim is a cold and snowy place (and apparently home to werewolves). Here’s hoping Bethesda will take us to Throat of the World, the highest point in Skyrim and mythical birthplace of man.

3. Portal 2 You’re a monster, at least according to GLaDOS, a deranged artificial intelligence running the now dilapidated Aperture Science facility. Hundreds of years after the events of the original Portal, protagonist Chell is once again subject to GLaDOS’s “experiments.” You’ll guide Chell through the test facility as GLaDOS attempts to rebuild the damage done by nature over the course of so many years.

2. Batman: Arkham City Criminals are taking over Gotham City and there’s only one man that can stop them: Batman. As part of Mayor Quincy’s initiative, Arkham was relocated into the city proper instead of quarantined on nearby Arkham Island. As such, the aptly named Arkham City offers players a larger area to explore filled with the same kind of crazies you’d expect in the institution.

1.  Mass Effect 3 The Reapers are out there. Although their cuttlefish-like appearance seems silly, these giant, sentient, homicidal robots mean business. Commander Shepard hindered their cyclical plan to systematically purge all galactic life in the first two titles, but didn’t completely stop them. As seen in the first teaser trailer, Earth is being attacked by hundreds of the devastating creatures and the human home world might be lost forever if something isn’t done soon. How soon? We don’t know, but we hope you don’t have time to recruit a bunch of people in the galaxy while the Reapers are busy destroying all human life.

Kinect Vs Move Sales for 2011

Predicting sales of anything more than a month out is always a highly speculative endeavor, but at least one analyst has come out with a prediction for sales of both Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral and the Playstation Move by the end of 2011. According to Gamespot, UK firm Screen Digest predicts that Redmond will sell 7.6 million units of its more expensive (but more revolutionary) device, while Sony will manage 7.3 million units. Based on the early evidence for both systems, the firm is largely correct about the Move but quite flawed when it comes to the Kinect.

On the Kinect side, Microsoft revealed at the end of November that it had sold 2.5 million units of the Kinect, putting it on pace to meet its sales guidance (and HULIQ’s own prediction) of 5 million units by the end of the year. The official numbers will be available after the December NPD report is published, but HULIQ’s own tracking data supports this. It is even likely that the Kinect will have sold a bit over 5 million.

Considering the Move’s earlier release date, Sony was managing a much slower sales rate (about 1.5 million per month). Coupled with the fact that software sales for the Move have been abysmal, monthy sales of the Move in 2011 look to be considerably weaker than the Kinect unless something improves on the software side. As it stands now, an install base of around 4 million units is a reasonable estimation, and 250,000 units per month is a realistic prediction for 2011 sales. This would put the Move right around Screen Digest’s 7.3 million unit prediction by the end of the year.

In other words, HULIQ agrees with Screen Digest when it comes to the Move, but their prediction concerning the Kinect is far too conservative.

Why Aren’t Games Taken More Seriously???!

Gaming still only hits the headlines when there are controversies to rage about, or a multi-million selling release to puzzle over. In the aforementioned Panorama ‘investigation’, the programme’s reporter expressed bemusement at the fanfare, excitement and long queues of fans at the Starcraft II launch. “I can’t believe how many people are here just to buy a game,” he gasped. “It’s ten past eleven at night!”

The simple fact is that games are still not taken seriously by the majority of journalists, politicians and many members of the public. And this hurts the medium. It allows individuals and organizations to more easily criticize, attack or undermine gaming, with the beliefs that games can be addictive, make people violent and are not capable of being genuine art allowed to prosper.

For a long time, many gamers, games journalists and industry insiders have hoped that as gaming becomes ever more popular and widespread, attitudes would change. That perhaps one simple way for games to be taken more seriously is to simply increase their popularity. And yet, even though games are now so widely consumed and enjoyed – on devices like the iPhone and sites such as Facebook, as well as on consoles and PCs – this has not yet happened.

Part of the irony is that the type of games which have reached a wider audience in recent years don’t actually promote a particularly grown-up view of gaming. Don’t get me wrong: so-called social and casual gaming can be terrific fun, and is every bit as integral and joyous a part of gaming as FPSs and RPGs. However, while the Nintendo Wii has proved a smash-hit with families and a hugely diverse variety of ages – as well as getting many more women interested in gaming – the vast majority of the successful titles are party games and cartoonish capers. The same can also be said of Playstation Move and Kinect, at least so far.

The truth is that the Wii may have made gaming more widespread, diverse and popular than ever before, and Farmville may be played by millions around the world online, but many of today’s most popular games now actually propagate the view of games as toys – not art. It’s easier for gaming to be overlooked or dismissed when its public face is so-often cutesy, colourful and disposable entertainment.

I in no way wish to denigrate casual gaming specifically, however, because it’s fair to say that many of the most successful ‘hardcore’ games are frankly juvenile, and do the opposite of portraying games in a sophisticated light.

DC Universe Online Beta…

When DC Universe Online was first announced almost two years ago, my panties got wet. I’ve been waiting for a truly awesome superhero MMORPG to come to consoles, and Sony is finally attempting to deliver.

The beta up to this point has had some glitches, and I’ve personally experienced some crashes that forced me to fully reset my PS3, but some major updates have resolved these issues for the most part, and it’s nothing uncommon for a beta. The game itself is very heavy on PVP, which is my favorite aspect of most recent MMORPGs. There are a ton of instances, small segregated dungeons similar to those seen in World of Warcraft, that are already providing hours of enjoyment in the restricted beta. When players reach the level cap, PVP instances called alerts become available that allow players to use their customized characters to fight villains or play as some of the famous DC characters such as the Joker, Bane, Batman, and Robin.
Graphically, DC Universe Online does show a few quirks in it’s current state. Players may notice some pop in every once and a while as the rendering isn’t quiet where it should be. Those flying to a destination a bit too quickly will have to wait a few seconds to see an item on the ground pull in, or a building in the distance populate.
As DC Universe Online will be available on both PC and PS3, I was somewhat skepticle of it’s controls on the console. Thankfully, they integrated the controls very well, and using a controller to play is a welcome change of pace in the MMORPG world. Input response time is quite satisfying, and using spells and abilities is simple with controls that are easy to learn and remember. Players should have no problem picking up their controller and pwning each other when the game actually releases in early 2011. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the beta and look forward to seeing you online soon.

Kinect Hacked To Play World of Warcraft

We’ve made it an important milestone in the increasingly long list of hacks that transform Microsoft’s Kinect from Xbox 360 motion controller into something grander. World of Warcraft is now playable with Kinect hand-waving action.

The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California demonstrates its Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) technology in this World of Warcraft for Kinect demo. Using open source software and smarts, the eggheads at USC can control some of WoW’s simpler actions—movement, spellcasting, targeting—with the Xbox 360 add-on.

FAAST is designed to be used with off-the-shelf game software and can be configured to work with different titles. See the more mobile, possible future of MMO play in this YouTube video.


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