Raw Rant 51: Rockin Out with DJ Curse

Posted 19 Feb 2011 in Podcast, Saturday Sessions

Saturday Night Sessions

DJ Whitey White, Featuring DJ Curse

DJ Whitey sits down with guest DJ Curse from The Beat 92.3 and chats about where he came from and where hes going…

Check out this funky rock mix from the mind of DJ Curse one of the founding members of The Beat Junkies and a regular DJ on The Beat 92.3

Get Ready To Rock out with DJ Curse….

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Walli (06 Feb 2011, 17:04)

    sweet mix, sorry i didnt comment till monday but I do like it

  2. DJ Curse? (13 Feb 2011, 18:11)

    the real DJ Curse? thought that dude was gone