Raw Rant 52: Slam Jam Wrestling Superheros

Posted 11 Feb 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

The Point Blank Show

Host: Brandon, Mike, and Steve

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Posted by Brian X
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  1. Frankie (11 Feb 2011, 19:53)

    Good show guys! Love the Wrestler game. “The mutha fuckin news!” Funny shit.

  2. Henry (11 Feb 2011, 21:56)

    You guys crack me up. I was all like WTF. LOL. Keep it up souljas!

  3. Carol D (12 Feb 2011, 8:51)

    List O Shit:
    IMDB Movie Game: Awesome
    Comic Slam Somthing: Great Game HORRID name
    State Game: shit boring shit
    ad game: confusing but has promise

  4. Alex Barton (13 Feb 2011, 8:15)

    why not make a game widget and give out prizes? just a thought although keep that slogan game away though I heard the referance and listened and it wasnt my cupotea, although the state game wasnt fun to play it was fun to listen to.

  5. Marlin (14 Feb 2011, 0:01)

    nice, downloaded for gamecast but found a new gem on Raw cool keep it up gents, love the game by the way (tell Brian to Shut Up and push buttons like a good monkey)

  6. Leroy Jenkins (15 Feb 2011, 3:40)

    Leerrrrrooooyyyy Jeeeennnkkkiinnnnss

    hahaha Donny playing WoW during the show, I tuned into to hear the gamecast but got this show instead and all I hear from Don isthat hes in the room playing WoW?!?!?!

    I dont comment but had to spit my 2 pennys and say WTF wheres the game cast man?!?!

    on a seperate note your show is good and I added it to my list, why dont you do a video game game?

  7. FenWay (15 Feb 2011, 10:16)

    I can do this, looking for Neils show but you 4 are much better lol, whats the story you fire Neil and hire 3 more dudes B?

  8. Jennifer (16 Feb 2011, 20:47)

    Ask Mike how he knows those guys in front of the casinos so well. Also, the Raw Rant t-shirt is really soft. When do I get one?