Raw Rant 9: Bishup off da heezie!

Posted 07 Oct 2010 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Host: Brian, Jason, and Kristyn

* Fall/Winter Coming Soon
* Top 5 Movies
* Top 2 Music
* Rants


Bishup “The Traveling Salesmen”
www.bishup.com (coming soon)

Coming Soon:

Harry Potter
Captian America
Green Lantern
Pirates of the Caribbean

Top 5 Movies:

Buddy Films

Top 2 Music:

Mixed Genre (ie: red hot chili peppers)


Movie Studio Madness
Artist “selling out”


Best Robin Hood
The Human Centipede
DVD Releases
Lil Wayne releases another car crash from Jail!

Posted by Brian X
the rawest, man, myth, and legend


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