Raw Rant Show: Sams ATA Alien

Posted 26 Apr 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show, The Media Pimps

Raw Rant #147

We bring the week in with our Sammy Update and our sponsor www.MixedTees.com

We read the comments and talk about some pretty interesting news topics.

Finishing with one of Brian’s favorite all time Pranks and introduce the Prank content where you share your best Prank and we choose the best one live on air next week. The winner will receive the shirt of his or hers choice from our sponsor: www.MixedTees.com

Thanks and COMMENT away!

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Brian X (26 Apr 2013, 17:15)

    Prank Contest: comment here with your best prank to win a free t-shirt of your choice. The best prank will be chosen next week!

    Good Luck!

  2. Brian X (26 Apr 2013, 17:16)

    Winners will take there pick of any shirt available at: http://www.mixedtees.com

  3. Kmac (26 Apr 2013, 18:33)

    Awesome show! Great chemistry and funny shot.   I fucking love the fringe segment. How about some strange mother fucking news every show? The banter between a believer and a skeptic was great! …. However Brian, you have me pegged so wrong. Not even fucking close. I am fucking thrilled about this show again! My best prank was this year on my wife…. I hung a sign on the bathroom door saying don’t come in I killed myself…. She got home from work, came in and I was in a bathtub full of red water and what looked like a cut on my wrist…. She screamed like a little girl then I screamed… It was hilarious… She’s still pissed… I don’t recommend trying that yourself…..

  4. bitchwithdick (26 Apr 2013, 18:47)

    yessss this was great man I totaly enjoyed it, keep the wierd news coming!

    sam is a phyco

  5. Sloggydog (27 Apr 2013, 4:33)

    All the other podcasts I listen to are about weird news. Mysterious universe, Jim Harolds campfire, darkness radio, the paranormal report and they are all really successful, you might be onto something big here. What happened to “the game”? Keep up the good work! Wait a sec, maybe clay is feeding us disinformation! TRUST NO ONE! RAW X FILES love it

  6. Mooseknuckle (27 Apr 2013, 15:02)

    Moose likes little tiny people. Moose want a six inch girl to ride on the schlong. Moose will keep her in underwear . moose says good show!