Raw Rant Show: Welcome Back!

Posted 16 Apr 2013 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #146

Welcome back to the Raw Rant Show! Were back and will be here every Monday for all you fans that have been waiting for a while I think it will be worth the wait!

I’ll be trying to get some old voices back in the studio as well as new voices. The new format is a bit faster, leaner, meaner and ready to rock your world.

This Episode:

  • Where have we been and what have we been doing?
  • Movie Review: GI Joe 2
  • TV Show Review: House of Lies
  • The Playpen
  • Rant: Tow Truck Drivers and Crooked Security Guards
  • Sponsored By: www.MixedTees.com

See you next week!


Posted by Brian X
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  1. Kmac (18 Apr 2013, 17:07)

    Well…. Well….. Well….. Look who’s back… And look who is commenting first…. Suck it ca ca ca carol….. This show wasn’t bad but not what I was hoping for…. Where the funk is Brennan and the other guys?… No listener comments? Wtf…… Brian is afraid to fuducking cuss? Jesup fucking balls. I won’t give up yet.

  2. Carol (18 Apr 2013, 18:53)

    godammit you beat me to it you little butt lover.

    Brian not wanting to cuss makes sense because before he cussed for no reason it seemed so I’m good with a little clean up but dont over do it.

    this Play guy seems like a good addition but I do want my little Brandy back some day.

  3. shiny (18 Apr 2013, 23:42)

    very cool guys, i miss the others but Im glad I get a little blah blah blah Brian

  4. Sloggydog (19 Apr 2013, 4:18)

    Carol ain’t gonna Suck it she’s a rugmuncher…. This show ain’t RAW at all without all the dirt. Change it to medium well. Brian must have shut his pants again. Sorry blah you know we love you.

  5. Mooseknuckle (19 Apr 2013, 16:37)

    Moose no like new show… Moose want old show back….. Moose like vaginas

  6. bitchwithdick (19 Apr 2013, 17:17)

    daaaaaammmnnnn, that Play guy sounds hawt!

    gimme the plenty of fish profile NOW

    you like chicks with fake dicks?

  7. Carlito (07 May 2013, 0:37)

    i had spelled inrfetace (oops did i do it again) incorrectly as someone has pulled him up on his grammar. It’s actually a correct spelling of “interface” as it’s the Yorkshire spelling which is inteface, we have our own dialect here..:-) – i guess its like using “ya” for whatever that means (you have?)Mike: the page draws, its sometimes slowed because of the links to digg and reddit, it will display if you wait.cheersPete