The Point Blank Show: Mad Men Game and Rub and Tugs

Posted 05 Aug 2011 in Podcast, The Point Blank Show

Raw Rant #105

This is part 1 and starting off with some stimulating talk about beards and barbers then move on to massage parlors and rub and tugs, after beating off we all sit down to play the final Mad Men Game and that son of a bitch ____ wins the game!

Listen to the whole show!

Posted by Brian X
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  1. jakey 1 (10 Aug 2011, 5:52)

    Enjoyed this. Keep it up fellas

  2. Carol Deez (10 Aug 2011, 6:53)

    what up my men!

    I commented at your other site (fishy) first off I agree with Jakey (great job) secondly I think that the game was great and I was on the edge till that HORRIBLE bonus question, what the fuck Mike??

    Lastly can I get a copy of that Brandon poster paleeassee?

    Love you guys, please answer my question from the other site and I hope it brings some good banter between Mike and Brian.

  3. Tommy Vooooo! (10 Aug 2011, 6:58)

    how bout some Raw tshirts or something so we can support the show?

    is Brian just Rich and pays to hang with you guys or what?

    LOL hook it up with gear man (and a job)

    btw I’ve been to a few rub and tugs and maaaaannn you are missing some fun Steve, it looks like Brian knows what I’m talking about, “OK Acupuncture” anyone?

  4. Tommy Vooooo! (10 Aug 2011, 6:59)

    then agian I’m AZN

    also your last question was stupid (sorry mike)

    hi this is Tom.