Special: ICP Juggalo Fags Attack Woman

Posted 24 Nov 2010 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

This is a special quick rant about ICP and there fans called Juggalos or Juggalettes, but realy there all just fat fagget ass white trailer trash emo retards who beat up eminem fans and attack woman in the name if ICP who say that there christian and follow Jesus and the bible but cus and beat defenseless woman on the streets.

What the fuck is wrong with you fucking retards, listen you emo fat ass fucks go get some friends or a job or a life of some sort and stop this maddness, you will die young or my hard working ass will be supporting your 7 little juggalos and your trailer when you grow up.




you will never get a job or get laid (by a girl) with fucking clown makeup on your retards….

I really hope that all you juggalo assholes would go sterile so kids could never come out of your fat ass with face paint.

Posted by Brian X
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  1. Becks (06 Dec 2010, 15:46)

    I agree with you, clowns have no future.

  2. Else Stippich (10 Dec 2010, 22:35)

    When it comes to succinct on point this is it – here is a little off point thing but it made me smile!

    White Trash Trailer Clowns

  3. Shananagins (17 Dec 2010, 13:03)

    poor Tila….TAKE YOUR TOP OFF!

    FYI: I was there homo and they did attack that 80 pound slut, she didnt deserve that ass clown

  4. beijing (18 Dec 2010, 21:01)

    go get em with face paint

  5. Francoise Palley (19 Dec 2010, 10:10)

    fucking fagget clowns

  6. Aldo Matin (19 Dec 2010, 18:44)

    You get being funny and also sounding too severe all at the exact same time

  7. NonsaGashus (21 Dec 2010, 7:07)

    Juggaols rule the world, just so you are aware. Also, not all of us are retarded. Some of us even GO to college…. wrap your mind around that one. Last and mos important… Tila didn’t get attacked…. you weren’t at the gathering, so you don’t know what happened, which is the way it should be. What happens at the Gathering… stays at the Gathering.

    P.S. I’m a juggalo and my favorite book is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. If you don’t know what that is, you have no right talking about other people’s level of intellect. Have a good day, sir. Much Clown Love.

  8. Juggalette Bitch (21 Dec 2010, 20:02)

    You judge people because of things they like that is what makes the nation so fucked up!!! I do not live in a tailor i live in a two story house, i am a college graduate and i work full time while taking care of my daughter. I have probably accomplished more than you ever will at this point i have been certified in a multitude of things. Also I’m not a fat ass you judgement dick. I happen to be an attractive woman Just think about how it makes you sound retarded when you classify people, not even referring to one type I’m referring to all types of classification. Research things before you post ignorant messages about them or else you will continue to sound like an ill bred uninformed dumb-ass. I am informing you of this because you really do sound like an ignorant, piece of shit and could lessen your chance to get on any thing other than some washed up site where people post their thoughts, thought this is protected by you 1st amendment right to post this it dose not protect you from looking like a fool.

  9. Twisted (22 Dec 2010, 14:33)

    Fuck you that bitch deserved it, Juggulo 4 life

  10. Sugar Slam (23 Dec 2010, 1:19)

    Fuck you bitch, Juggulo Family for LIFE straight from SS fattass

  11. maskettimanmmfcljuggalo4lyfe (23 Dec 2010, 5:22)

    fuck you! go die u tight ass dick, juggalos have a better life than you ever will, and that chicks name is Tila Tequilla, shes a slutty whore who deserved it. im sorry but you will just never have the sweet life of being in the juggalo family…have a nice day fuckstick

  12. you know it (26 Dec 2010, 7:49)

    This guy is my hero, has to be the funniest 6:30 min ive ever experienced. Seriously, people really walk around in clown makeup like this? hahahahhahahahahah and I thought ravers were trippy, clown fagggs ahahahaha

  13. Chris (31 Dec 2010, 10:54)

    You’re a fucking moron for falsely stereotyping ‘juggalos’. The dumb ass kids who commit these crimes while seeming to be influenced by ICP are just fags with shitty parents. Listen to ICP interviews and actually learn what they are about before you start talking shit you pathetic son-of-a-bitch. The Insane Clown Posse have incredibly strong feelings towards how their fans should be. I’m a real juggalo. I don’t need to run around with a painted fucking face and do dumb ass shit to show off. I know the true message.

  14. Linc (08 Jan 2011, 22:30)

    Who runs this joint too? Keep up the good work :)

  15. Jeff O'Duire (13 Jan 2011, 2:42)

    I love her, she is so kinky and sexy!

  16. you know it (20 Jan 2011, 22:07)


  17. nicki minaj booty (24 Jan 2011, 13:36)

    god you guys like this hoe cus she looks good.

  18. Get Loh (17 Mar 2011, 10:55)

    fucking fagget ass inbred homos

  19. Joyce (17 Mar 2011, 22:48)

    dumb ICP faggets

  20. Bret Sumida (20 Mar 2011, 23:03)

    ICP and Juggelos Suck a fat cock! just like Tila Tequila