Special Report: MegaUpload Gets Shutdown!!

Posted 23 Jan 2012 in Podcast, Raw Rant Show

Raw Rant #133

The first of many quick and dirty podcast where Brian basically reads the news till something pisses him off.

What we cover:

Sopa / PIPA
Mega Upload
STFU Robert Redford
Tosh.0 is back
iPad gets a vagina attachment
Star Wars Uncut
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Underworld: Awakening
Joe Paterno steals Sanduskys thunder

Listen and comment, see you Friday on The Point Blank Show!

Posted by Brian X
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  1. kmac (24 Jan 2012, 19:28)

    the new blah blah monday show is fuckin great. can you end each one with ” its time to make like tweezers and get the hair out of here” ?

  2. Hi this is Mike (24 Jan 2012, 20:33)

    Great job Blah! I’m definitely a fan of the Special Report. By the way, it’s “Ro-bert Red-ford.”

  3. Paul (24 Jan 2012, 21:04)

    hahahaha, (tweezers) kamc cracks me up!

    holy shit you talk fast Blah, I bet you give great head in a hot tub!

  4. Frankaaaayyy! (24 Jan 2012, 21:16)

    I just commented on my favorate show (not this one) and just wanted to make sure you saw it.

    basically: you suck

    and you talk to fist, i miss Mike.

  5. sloggydog (26 Jan 2012, 17:07)

    blah is the only person who could put that much info in such a short show. if I were a smurf and I was hittin smurfette,would it be incest?

  6. Shiny Verse (26 Jan 2012, 19:34)

    thats a great question, holy shit that smurfs pussy has gotta be LOOOOOSE

    just gettin ganged by all her family memebers…..grrrrooooosssss!