Civil War: Team Captain America

Posted 03 May 2016 in Podcast, The Popcast

If you believe in Truth, Justice and The America Way then you must be on Team Captain America. Also known as team Rogers and if you are a lady going to see Cap without his shirt on, then you are Team Evans. Whoever you are, if you want to know more about your team, this is the episode to listen to. This week we focus on Captain America and his side of the Civil War and the characters who will make up his side of the fight.
Listen and learn about the team made up of Captain America, Ant Man, The Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Agent Carter as they prepare to face off against their friends.

In this episode of the Popcast(spoilers if you haven’t read the comics or seen any of the movies)… sends Brian freebies and gave Shane a 10% off coupon
Brian sports Iron Man and Shane goes red, white and blue
Brian explains the Marvel Curve
Shane does the movie voice
The difference between WWII and today is Air Conditioning
#wehatebucky AGAIN
Go get a Picture of Water out of the Icebox!
Hawkeye and Black Widow… the love is over?

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Posted by Brian X
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