The Big & Chunky Show: Mormons are Magical (like elves or gnomes)

Posted 04 May 2011 in Podcast, The Big & Chunky Show

Raw Rant #87

Mouse wants to say sorry to:

Mormons, Obama, Osama, Juice, Frozen bodies, red people, health nuts, and homos……you should really listen to the whole show!

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Posted by Brian X
the rawest, man, myth, and legend


  1. Joe (04 May 2011, 19:12)

    nice mouse is sorta sexy mmmmmmmm

    i googled her (gigetie)

  2. Daughtry (08 May 2011, 0:35)

    funny but speak up Proff you can here the website working to keep your voice high enoguh to hear lol but funny

  3. Vic Cruz (09 May 2011, 0:37)

    these are the people that replaced me!!!

  4. Cruz (09 May 2011, 17:04)

    Mouse is sorta hot

  5. Anton (10 May 2011, 3:02)

    Point Blank Show got me here but if (whats his name) will keep me here

  6. Leroy Serva (10 May 2011, 20:35)


  7. Regina (12 Jul 2011, 7:27)

    Frankly I think that’s absoltuely good stuff.