What’s the deal with The Force?

Posted 01 Mar 2016 in Podcast, The Popcast

What’s the deal with The Force?
Yes I’m talking about the Star Wars Force

Episode Air Date February 29, 2016

Almost every has heard of The Force, but what The heck is it? Was George Lucas a Zen Buddhist or did he just want to Awaken a spirituality in young people?
You know how sometimes you wish you could just use The Force to choke someone who irritates you? Wait, I was just told I can’t write that, but my backspace key is missing, so… meh.
Anyways, strap on your X-Wing Fighter seat belt and join Brian and Shane as they Navigate through the Star Wars universe to make sense of the Jedi and Sith super powers.

In this episode…
Shane attempts to use The Force on his children
Brian pulls a jedi mind trick on shane… twice!
George Lucas is inspired by IMAX… sorta
Brian can’t say the word Midi-chlorian
Luke Skywalker was clinically insane (Apparently you can say anything on a podcast)
What does The Force and X-Men have in common?

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